Surviving a Car Accident in St. Louis: Steps to Take Afterwards

Nothing prepares you for the pain and confusion of a car accident. It worsens after the accident, where you have to contend with recovery and complicated legal processes. You have to deal with insurance companies, law enforcement officers, and even court cases as you recover. You can see how it would be easy to make a mistake or take the wrong course of action, adding misery to an already delicate situation.


Despite the confusion following a car accident, you need to be careful in your next moves. Many people have landed in trouble which could have been avoided. We can learn from some of their mistakes to best prepare ourselves if we are ever involved in such an accident while driving on St, Louis roads. 


What to Avoid

When you file a lawsuit after a car accident, here are some of the things you need to avoid.

  • Postponing taking legal action

Understandably, you will be focused on the recovery journey after a car accident. If it is a particularly gruesome accident, your rehabilitation will be your only priority. You, however, need not take too long to take legal action. After getting medical attention, you need to then contact your insurance company and a car accident attorney. Just as you wouldn’t delay getting medical attention, your legal and financial wellbeing could be adversely affected if you do not take action. That action also leaves you free to focus on your recovery, as the right experts handle the legal matters.

  • Turning to social media

Social media can be a tonic to soothe your nerves. Connecting with the online community happens to be how most people these days socialize. There are, however, certain matters that should not be so openly discussed. You should avoid turning to social media before taking the right steps. Once you have the legal machinery rolling, you should avoid airing details of your case on social media, as that would put it all in jeopardy. Insurance companies, and the opposing party, could use such exposure to bring down your case. Considering the gravity of such a lawsuit, anything that could be used against you will be tirelessly sought after by the other parties.

  • Disobeying your doctor

Your doctor may serve as an expert witness should the lawsuit go to court. At the same time, your doctor is only interested in helping you get better. When you don’t heed their advice or do anything contrary to their directions, you put your life at risk. Doctors are bound by the law to give an honest report of your treatment and healing progress. If, for example, you have been advised to avoid any strenuous activities for a month after being discharged from the hospital, and you do the opposite, you could interfere with your recovery. Upon follow-up, the report will not be in your favor. The opposing party will thus have a chance to claim that your condition was due to your own doing, not the accident. Imagine losing your lawsuit this way.

  • Failing to gather substantial evidence

As much as possible and as long as you are able, you need to gather evidence after a car accident. If you can, record the scene, interview eyewitnesses, take photos of the accident scene and collect the details of the other parties. Having fresh details of the accident just after it occurs will go a long way in boosting your lawsuit. Not much evidence may be recovered after emergency medical personnel, and the police have walked all over the accident site. You need to also keep all medical paperwork, such as reports, bills, and tickets.

  • Settling without an attorney present

No matter how great a settlement offer from the other party seems, do not agree to it before consulting a car accident attorney. You may wish to have this case over and done with and to get back to normal life as soon as possible. You may also feel like the offer is more than enough or even fair. In most instances, such an offer is made while the opposing counsel mentions how long and tedious the alternative route will be. If agreeing to their offer is the best option for you, why would they make it? None of them are interested in looking after your welfare. You present a chance for them to incur a much higher expense. Involve a car accident attorney immediately.


Take Action Now

A car accident has different effects and impacts on the victims’ lives. Some are lucky enough to recover fully and return to their normal lives. Others have to deal with recurrent medical issues and emotional and psychological trauma for years. Accidents have robbed people of their ability to walk and live independent lives. What you do after an accident is therefore of critical importance. As you focus on recovery, allow the best St. Louis car accident attorney to handle the legal side of the process. Your future depends on it.