The Upside Of A Metal Roof Replacement In Florida

Due to a plethora of benefits, metal roof replacements are quickly becoming the norm with Floridian homeowners. Within the past decade only, the alloy roofing business has improved amazingly! Metal roofs offer 50+ year lifespans, exceptional wind resistance, little needed maintenance, and offer protection from fires.

Another trend that is helping to push on the trend of metal roof replacements is that homeowners simply aren’t moving with frequency. Therefore when people prefer to stay in one apartment for possibly decades, it performs far more understanding to invest in metal roofing.

The only disadvantage here is the direct loss of metal roofing and the decreased ability to exactly color match when making repairs. However, durability is one of a metal roof’s selling points, which means that very few repairs are needed.

Increased Longevity 

The reality is no other roofing material generally used in Florida today will last longer than metal. If you live in a humid location famous for hurricanes, investing your money in a roof that can last a lifetime is wise. Metal roofing will hold up for over 60 years if properly maintained, whereas, with a shingle roof, you are very fortunate to have it last ten years in Florida.


A metal roof installation is designed to handle intense weather conditions; they have any roofing materials’ top wind resistance rating. With the threat any given summer of massive hurricanes, a metal roof replacement can provide you additional comfort in your and your family’s well-being. In addition, they do not crack or peel, nor do they absorb water and moisture. And last but not least, people are also resistant to mold, rot, and rust.

Boosted Appearance

At first, some homeowners may not think metal roofing looks good, probably because they have old-style metal roofs in mind. However, metal roofing in recent years offers homes a slick, metallic appearance with varying designs.

Elevate The Worth Of Your Home

Besides durability and aesthetic appeal, an advantage to introducing a metal roof is that a freshly installed metal roof will increase the home’s resale value. Would-be buyers will understand the plus of buying a home in which they will never need to replace the roof.

Better Energy Efficiency 

Throughout the summer months, the air conditioning unit in any Florida property is pushed to its max, often resulting in higher than regular FPL bills. Many don’t realize that this can be partly to blame on the roof; with many roofs being asphalt and asphalt doing a poor job of reflecting heat, it makes an AC work harder than it should. If an asphalt roof is a problem for the AC, a metal roof is its savior. Metal roofing returns sunlight and quickly releases any heat consumed, resulting in a significant savings of money for the homeowner.

Environmentally Positive 

For homeowners mindful of the natural world, you’ll be glad to know that a metal roof is 100% recyclable. As opposed to a blacktop roof, of which all of it goes directly into a landfill.

Fire Resistant 

It may be easier to sleep at night knowing that your metal roof is fire resistant. Metal roofs can resist lightning strokes and wildfire and however not catch on fire.

Lower Insurance Premiums 

You should save extra money each month by simply letting the insurance company know you are reroofed with metal. Since a metal roof can last close to a century, the insurance companies know they will never be replacing your roof.

As a plus to all the benefits discussed above, the maintenance on a metal roof is relatively low. However, resolving which roofing element to choosing for a metal roof replacement in Fort Lauderdale is a crucial decision to be made after being fully informed. The goal of this post was to bring light to the benefits of metal roofing in Florida.