This Famous Instagram Couple Travels The World And Monetizes Their Passion

Nowadays it’s important to build a web presence for business and beyond. However, competition is high and many times establishing yourself in your niche is a long and difficult process. Domi and Frida is an Italian couple who managed to monetize their passion by traveling the world. They are travel influencers even though they prefer to define themselves as content creators. Domi and Frida are known on Instagram as @weloveourlife and have a following of more than half a million followers. They post incredible photos of their travels and love to tell their adventures on Youtube too. 

This couple met very young when they were in high school and it was love at first sight. At the time Domi was 17 and Frida was 15. They grew up together and graduated in Pharmacy and Architecture a few years later. So they started working in their respective fields. During the trip to Zakynthos in Greece Domi and Frida decided to officially create their Instagram profile and to call it @weloveourlife. Thus, from 2017 they started sharing their travels with a few hundred friends and family, producing increasingly captivating content. Their initial trips brought them to Positano, Zakynthos, Venice, Mykonos, Milan, and Paris. Especially in Paris, they have created some of their best content which has been enjoyed by their followers around the world. In fact, their shots at the Louvre Pyramid and in front of the large clock at the Musée d’Orsay have collected tens of thousands of likes on their profile and have been shared by several travel pages. Furthermore, Domi and Frida say that the photo at the Musée d’Orsay was really challenging to take. 

In fact, in each of their photos, the attention to detail is visible in every minimum aspect. After their trip to Paris, this couple of Italian travelers have greatly increased their popularity on the web. Domi and Frida’s intentions with their travel were never to monetize it, as they traveled out of enjoyment and had a strong passion for it. But once they began seeing huge momentum on their social media, they began entertaining the idea of  making money off of their content. In fact, today this couple of travel influencers collaborate on every trip with travel boards, hotels, rental companies, restaurants and other local services. Thus, Domi and Frida promote tourism in the world through their content that they promote on their channels and afford their travels. They have collaborated with countless fabulous luxury hotels around the world and their first collaboration was in Paris. As well as the couple regularly works with international brands promoting sponsored posts on their Instagram profile. 

In early 2020 they took another major step in their online career by opening their official blog We Love Our Life by Domi and Frida. Their travel blog features destination guides, photography tips, hotel experiences and travel inspirations. Since 2017 Domi and Frida have grown a life together filled with sensational travel destinations and lifestyle tips. Over the years they have learned many lessons about life, love, travel and they have grown a lot because of these lessons. They created We Love Our Life to inspire people to do the same and help them through whatever that process looks like for them. Their love for travel has remained the same to this day, but Domi and Frida are working harder than ever to grow their brand on social media and their ability to get paid for their travels is a testament to their incredible work ethic and raw passion. Even with all of the success they’ve had, this is just the beginning for the wanderlust couple.