Tips: Can you do Soft wash with a Pressure Washer

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When it comes to cleaning your windows, roof, or even floor, one often thinks of blasting water using a pressure washer to be one of the best options. It is one of the many DIY cleaning projects one takes up: cleaning decks, roofs, etc. To getting rid of the hardcore dust, mold, or other external stuff that makes a roof sport a dirty look and get the cleaning started, a great option is using a pressure washer. 

However, pressure washing is not always the best way to sort the issue at hand. The reason being the sheer pressure of the water jet from a power washer, at times, may cause more harm to the object it is applied on. For example, pressure washing the deck at very high pressure may actually cause it to lose its sheen. 

Use a pressure washer to clean such surfaces without damages

This is where soft washing comes in. Instead of using traditional cleaning methods, you can tone down the jet pressure for soft washing. In terms of roof cleaning, a soft wash roof cleaning is an ideal way to clean the roof properly without causing damage to the structural properties of the roof. Several pressure washing companies offer soft washing services for a roof that effectively gives it a clean and neat look.


Soft wash roof cleaning proves to be a handy, beneficial option that one can choose to ensure that the roof is not damaged by water force. If you are taking up roof cleaning services, the experts will inform you of the process and how they will carry it out on your roof. As the name suggests, soft washing is using a lower water pressure to get the job done.


Soft washing will less likely cause any damage to the top layer or the underlying wood surface and will not leave any marks on stone and bricks. Soft wash helps to remove mold, fungus, mildew, algae, and roof infestations without the need to scrub them away manually. Soft washing is a quick and effective procedure that prevents discoloration of the surface and keeps it clean. 

How to Use Pressure Washer for Soft Wash

You may be wondering how a pressure washer that can easily etch off the top protective layer of most surfaces can be used for soft washing? Yes, it is possible to carry out soft washing with a pressure washer. Let’s explore how?


One of the options is to simply lower the water pressure manually. However, this option depends on the type of pressure washer being used and if the feature exists. Another option is to lower the PSI, which allows the switch to happen easily and flawlessly. Let’s understand how does one put pressure wash in use as a soft wash to clean the roof? 

Understanding the PSI Difference

The most significant distinction between pressure washing and soft washing is in the strength or force of the applied pressure. PSI, a unit of pressure, is defined as the force or strength in pounds per square inch of the area. It is applied ranges from 3500 to 4000 in pressure wash and is in between 100 to 500 in the soft wash. 


The very difference in pressure speed can change a water jet’s effect on the paint, grouting, etc. Going from 3500 PSI to 500 levels will undoubtedly allow you to use the pressure washer for soft washing. This pressure is indeed more than the water jet you get on pressing the thumb at the end of a water hose, but you may wonder that this major difference would be effective for a soft wash. So, one would start to question the effectiveness of the technique. 

The Technique Applied

Pressure washer manufacturers may advise you that pressure washer may not work for soft wash for roof cleaning, but if you learn the trick, you will not need to make an additional purchase for soap or equipment to soft wash. One may wonder how soft wash will help eliminate grime and mold from the roof with such a low water pressure. The answer lies in the fact that you will need to add an ingredient here, a detergent. 


Soft wash cleaning involves applying a cleaning solution that can be bleached, diluted to remove the algae and bacterial growths, or using detergent, which helps to kill biological agents and microorganisms such as mold, mildew, etc. This means lack of pressure or force is made up for detergent, also referred to as a cleaning agent. 


The cleaning solution pretty much works as a product that helps break down the stains and dirt, making it easy for the soft wash to show its effectiveness. A spray of water follows this. This process gives the roof a clean finish and helps to get rid of microorganisms that can potentially damage the roof. Soft wash ensures a clean roof for an extended period of time and thus the most popular form of roof cleaning. To clean your roof well, you may need to add an accessory which is a detergent tank.


Before you start with the process of soft wash, remove all the visible twigs, debris, leaves, and branches from your roof. Use a soft broom to ward off the built-up debris, vegetation, and thick moss from the roof. The soft washing technique, in addition to using cleaning agents, may require warm water, which is an effective way of breaking dust, grime, and mold. 

Changing Nozzle

Another technique to use the pressure washer for soft wash for your roof is to use a nozzle of a bigger diameter. The nozzle with a bigger diameter will automatically lead to water pressure going down to the desirable soft washing range. Depending on make type and compatibility, the nozzle can also split water flow, thereby eliminating the risk of roof damage. It is suggested to use a white nozzle ( a 40-degree nozzle) or a black nozzle (low-pressure detergent nozzle), which are soft, easy, and safe to use for roof surfaces. This is only applicable to the pressure washers supporting the feature of using a different kind of nozzle.

Using A ladder 

If you are hiring a service provider like Aarron’s Pressure Washing for soft washing, they will have a ladder to reach out each and every corner of the roof. However, if you intend to use soft wash by yourself, it is best to have a ladder in place. 

DIY or Professional Soft Washing?

Keeping all the tricks and tips in mind, one can easily use the pressure washer for soft cleaning their roof. Although the soft wash process can be carried out as a DIY project, one may require a bit of know-how beforehand. Also, when you are carrying out the soft wash technique yourself, ensure you are taking all the safety and precautions. One may consider seeking professional advice and getting the soft wash done professionally for the roof cleaning. The pressure washing professionals in Jacksonville, FL, will use proper chemicals or soap, apply the right PSI, and deploy experts to carry out the roof cleaning process. A professionally carried out roof cleaning with soft wash can last up to 3 to 5 years. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you get your roof cleaned professionally or do it yourself, soft wash cleaning the roof goes a long way in maintaining your roof and ensuring your roof’s longevity.