Tips for improving your website rankings

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Having a high google rank for your webpage is one of the most important factors in running a successful company in 2021. The higher your website ranks, the more likely potential customers are to see your website and turn into buyers. Using good SERP tools to track your rankings is essential.

 Here are some suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) rank.

Relevant Content

Great, quality content that reads well and is relevant is the number one factor in having a high SEO rank. Content that is specific for your ideal user will increase traffic and improve your site’s rank. Website audits can also assess the quality of your content and this is crucial for your SEP Strategy.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

It is a good idea to install these website tools in order to track your website’s progress. These tools allow you to analyze data to maximize your site’s performance. Google Analytics is a free tracking tool that is very helpful. The Channels report shows how your organic traffic compares to other traffic in your website. 

You can see which pages users are finding on google by clicking on ‘Organic Search’ but you will need Google Search Console to discover your site rank for specific keywords.


Each page of your website should have a specific keyword phrase. In order to come up with successful keyword phrases, you must put yourself in your ideal user’s shoes, and think of what they might be searching for. For example, if you run a personal finance blog targeting users in their 20’s, some specific search terms could be:

  • Best retirement account to open in my 20s
  • How much money should I save in my 20s?
  • How to buy first home

Where to Place Keywords

You can place keywords in three different locations: the page URL, the page title, and in the headings or subheadings. You must make the keywords fit naturally though, in order for your page to read well and remain user-friendly. For example, you would not want to use the word “finance” three or more times in your URL, or use “finance” in every single one of your headings.

You should also repeat your keyword phrase throughout your content. You can repeat it once or twice in the first and last paragraphs and one to four times throughout the middle paragraphs.

Mobile-friendly Webpage

With more and more people choosing to shop or search products directly from their phone, it’s important that your website is mobile-friendly. It is also important that each page loads quickly by optimizing the images code and content. Having a fast website will improve your SEO rank since users will often leave a slow website.

Update Your Content

Make sure to update your content regularly so each page is relevant. You could set a schedule to update your content every 3 or 6 months in order to improve your SEO rank. You should also make sure you have no duplicate content.

Internally Link To Other Pages

As you write articles for your website you can reference similar articles you wrote in the past by internally linking them by hyperlinking the article you are referencing.