Tips to Buy Brand New Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

The large area of the golf course looks beautiful only because of its regular maintenance by highly qualified staff. In order to obtain desired results, maintenance staff need the best quality equipment. Not only golf club kit but maintenance equipment also come with heavy price tags. Some people prefer to used turf equipment but their reliability is always questioned.

Even after buying a used golf course maintenance equipment from a trustworthy supplier, we still cannot be 100% sure about its credibility. Buying golf equipment in brand new condition has some advantages as we are mentioning below:-

The manufacturer takes the responsibility for flawless performance with a warranty period. Some leading manufacturers also offer a warranty of up to 5 years. Even you can get on-site support against any technical issue.
OEM spare parts are easily available at their service centres or you can also order online.

You will get exceptional performance from the brand new golf course maintenance equipment. If you are noticing any kind of performance quality-related issue, the manufacturer company will take responsibility.
Brand new golf course maintenance equipment comes with the latest technology of executing tasks faster and with high precision. Also, you can expect better comfort features.

Tips to buy used golf course maintenance equipment

Top brands:

Jacobsen, Toro, Carryall and John Deere are some famous names in the industry of golf course maintenance equipment. Do some research online for basic information regarding these brands. Each brand may have some positive and negative points in the quality standard of different equipment. For instance, you may get exceptional performance results by a John Deere tee box mower but Carryall is the leading brand for golf carts.

Warranty period and inclusions :

For how long is the company taking responsibility for golf course equipment? Check their warranty periods. John Deere offers a comprehensive 5-year or 5000 hours warranty. Also, check the inclusions and exclusions in their warranty card carefully.

After-sale service quality :

Are they providing on-site warranty if any malfunctioning issue occurs or you have to visit the service centre? Check the proximity of the nearest service centre to your golf course. It is feasible to reach there for maintenance and parts replacement if necessary?

Compare features :

Compare the features of different brands selling similar kind of golf mower, dethatcher, aerator or sprinkler etc. Factors regarding performance and comfort should be included before making a decision.

Compare price :

Don’t forget to compare the price range of the same equipment offered by different brands. Sometimes, special offers may create a marginal difference in the final cost.

These are some useful tips to consider when you approach a golf course equipment seller. Compare the quality and price factors with a rational mind before making a final decision.

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