Tips To Grow Followers On Fashion Instagram Accounts

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the best platforms for marketing for fashion brands. Also, it is a fact that Instagram offers an edge to edge competition and a plethora of benefits for enhancing the sales of fashion brands.

To grow more followers on fashion Instagram accounts, an excellent fashion-oriented strategy must be followed to acquire more traffic, sales, and engagement. Also, Instagram can help you to build strong customer relationships. In this post, we will discuss some practical and useful tips to grow followers on fashion Instagram accounts.


Why Instagram Is So Successful For Fashion Brands?

First of all, Instagram has a large amount of audience. According to Statista, there are 140 million regular Instagram users in the US. This photo sharing and editing app are one of the most used social media applications globally.

The data makes sense as it is a highly-visual platform. Also, it is the ideal place that motivates brands to boost trends and promote the lifestyle. The algorithm and architecture of Instagram are made to allow brands to attract users visually. Also, the fact is not hidden that marketing techniques such as influencer marketing have become one of the most powerful platforms. Because people get to see their favourite celebrity wearing new trends, which shapes them to buy online. 

We have seen that lots of influencers are collaborating with fashion brands for their mutual success on the social media platform. If any brand wants to establish its presence on Instagram, they can use features such as influencer marketing and shoppable posts. These features make it simple to display your brand on Instagram.


How to Make Engaging Feed Content?

Tons of tools on Instagram make the platform fascinating for fashion brands. It is easy to create and upload engaging and creative content on the platform. So, here are ways to make engaging feed content for fashion brands on Instagram.


●       Create Seamless/Carousel Posts

Almost every business has got success using seamless posts. It is a newly discovered creative way to introduce new products. You can use it to create an engaging and attractive Instagram post.


●       Create Engaging Videos to Promote Your Products

Videos are the major attraction and centre of the platform, whether it is Google or Instagram. Videos attract a large amount of audience compared to images. However, to create video content, you need to know how to use a good Instagram video editor.


●       Make Eye-catching Gifs

If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, why don’t you create GIFs? You can use GIFs to show off your product’s versatility.


How to Grow followers?

Here are the top tips to gain followers on fashion Instagram accounts. These tips will not just help you grow numbers, but it will also assist you in building customer relationships. So, make sure you go through all the tips to optimize your Instagram account effectively.


●       Eye-catching Designs

Suppose you have established a brand on the platform, but creating engaging designs hit differently to the audience. You can take inspiration from famous fashion brand Burberry. The brand places its logo on every piece of the picture. It becomes essential when brands partner with artists and celebrities. This way, you can grab the attention of your brand. Also, make sure that the quality of the design is excellent, and it performs as a constant reminder in consumers’ minds.


●       Hashtags Are Must

Hashtags have become essential tools for any brand. It is an excellent feature if you know how to use it. We are living in an era where life with hashtags is unimaginable. If you want to see the power of hashtags, you can search #love in the Instagram search box. You will see that the feed is flooded with posts.

For fashion brands, it is essential to use this tool carefully. Instead of blindly putting any hashtags, ensure that you do hashtag research for your brand accurately.


●       Use Influencer Marketing

If you are regularly using Instagram, you must be knowing tons of Instagram influencers who are using the platform. Influencer marketing is one of the best ways of marketing on Instagram. There are lots of brands that are using the strategy to gain more visibility. It is the most popular marketing strategy in the present time on the platform. The reason behind it is that it improves the engagement of the brand and can get instant attention with the help of that specific personality.


●       High-quality Pictures Will Do The Work

Instagram is a game of pictures and videos. If you are posting pictures to upload it, you need to revise your strategy. High-quality pictures make a difference. Even if you are not from the fashion industry, you should not post a low-resolution picture. The responsibility gets more significant with the role, and the fashion brand is no exception. You can take the help of big brands. What most of the brands do is try to narrate a story with each picture. That helps to gain more attention, and people tend to inquire more about the product.



To summarize, we would like to recommend that every fashion brand should stick to high-quality engagement and not forget to promote your Instagram presence. There is no harm in doing so. Ensure that the content you create is on point and is of high quality, whether it is a picture or video. To create a high-engaging video, you must visit www.videocreek.com.