Top 5 Health Apps For Smartphone- Get Healthier At Home

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Getting healthier is a preferable factor that each one aspires to attain. Maintained health could lead to a better life with low hospital bills and a less strained life. In the era of the COVID-19 outbreak, the health department has evolved marvellously. The health industry has revolutionized up to a great extent and customized the practice. Tons of applications are developed for smartphones and devices that can assist people with better health tips, living well, eating better, exercising, and many more.

Technical advancement had led to the rise of a different era, providing home services even in the health sector. Some telecommunication apps, fitness apps, meditation applications are some great platforms to attain your health goals. Let’s take a peek at the most popular health apps for devices to maintain a perfect health balance.

Healthify Me

Healthify me is the most loved application, with over 18 million users. This application provides users with comprehensive tracking for a workout routine, weight loss, sleep and hand wash tracking facilities. Lifestyle approaches are offered to motivate and achieve fitness goals.

Users can count the calories by scanning or manually inputting the food items. Personalized pieces of training, diet plans, nutrition guide, calorie tracker are some of the great features of Healthify me.


Practo has been a trusted and recognizable application to find good health and well-being condition. Practo initiates in finding the right doctors, booking the diagnostic test, medicine service, storing health records, and finding new methods to live in good health.

From 15 countries to more than 200,000 healthcare providers, Practo delivers healthcare services to 50 million people and still counting. It is a popular platform that connects people with India’s leading doctors through video consultations and follow-ups.

HealthTap – 24/7 Telemedicine

HealthTap provides users with 24/7 access to the top certified medical practitioner. In this app you get personalized text answers from top doctors, their A.I. is powered by thousands of doctors so you’ll understand your symptoms, you’ll see a doctor 24/7 via video, text chat, phone. HealthTap provides Medically necessary prescriptions, pharmacy, order lab tests, Recommend specialists for you.

Health Pal

Health Pal has many features to keep your lifestyle healthy. Health Pal App also provides a smart workout coach with voice assistance, and you can also create the health dashboard of your health and fitness.

Best Features of this app:

Profile: You can create your profile with height, weight, age, etc…

Pedometer: Your calories, speed, distance walked could be calculated in real-time. It could automatically records your walking step counts, calories and offers daily walking statistics and graph.



Health Calculators: wide range of health and wellness measuring tools. Such as BMI, Energy Expenditure, Blood Volume, Blood Pressure, Ideal Weight, Body Fat, Smoking cost, maximum heart rate, body water calculators, and many more.

Moodpath: Depression and Anxiety

Moodpath: Depression and Anxiety, this app understands your emotional life daily and gets insights on your symptoms and behaviour to help you to control your emotions or moods and cope with such mental illnesses as depression, anxiety, insomnia. It can help you to learn how to grasp what’s happening in your mind and use many useful techniques that work against negative or toxic actions, like cognitive behavioural therapy. The app was developed by clinical psychologists, and it can be used by anyone. This app provides daily questions and mood tracking, so you can judge your mental health daily. In this app, you get psychological courses and exercises.


This is a great goal-setting app that learns more about you and keeps track of your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, to improve your immunity against them. Unlike a medical or health application, this app is mental health and personal growth improvement app that helps you with video sessions and goal setting features with which you can meet a better version of yourself after the achievement of each milestone.

This application also helps you to improve your stress handling abilities if you wish. Because an important factor that affects an individual’s mental health is stress and anxiety, they run into then and there. Using Remente, you can learn to reduce your panic during stress and keep your pace cool.


Anytime if you need to visit a doctor or require guidance related to any medical service, these applications might best serve you. Take a step towards digitalization and promote these super handy tech mediums for health services.