Top 5 most famous places in London for an engagement ceremony

London is a beautiful and charming city that offers a wide range of opportunities that shall be attained by you, if you are looking for a place to celebrate. An engagement ceremony is an auspicious occasion and shall be planned days prior. It should be made special in terms of venue, guests and aesthetics. London is a hub for a number of bars, pubs and ceremony halls to celebrate the occasion with your special one. Some of the most infamous places in London to host an engagement ceremony have been mentioned below.


The place was first opened in 1965 and has been serving the requirements of the clients to the level of satisfaction since. It was re-launched in 2014 after its 8-month partnership with renowned Le Baron. The place complies with its rich heritage, elaborate architecture, and fashion in order to produce an alluring effect on the visitors. The facilities include Wi-Fi, flat-screen television, a projector, and natural light. The place serves delicious food and the ambiance is ideal for an engagement ceremony.


The Cocktail Cabinet at the Dirty Martini Monument is another renowned place to host engagement ceremonies. It has made a provision to host personalized parties with a private bar and other features like a music controller and lighting of your own. This place is highly preferable for catching up with your partner on a date or to host an engagement ceremony with your loved ones and friends. The authentic food and cuisines make the place even more desirable. The variety in cocktails and drinks shall cater to your requirements for an engagement ceremony.


Club Room at the infamous Forge offers a wide range of facilities that shall make you choose the place for hosting your engagement ceremony. The DJ booth, smoke machine, and bar stretching across the room add to the charm of the ambiance. It comprises of a chic club room, a US-inspired lounge, a restaurant, and a regular bar. The spacious alignment of the sections is highly commendable for an engagement ceremony. It shall serve as an ideal spot to present engagement rings in London to your special one.


The Bedouin Tent at St. Ethelburga’s Center in London is built in the style of the Arabs and the tent is covered in woven goat’s hair to provide comfort. If you like privacy and a cozy ambiance to host special ceremonies, this is the ultimate destination for you. 


The first floor at the Elgin is rich in culture and recreational facilities. It is an enchanting place to host private as well as corporate events. The lighting and the DJ shall be booked beforehand in order to serve your personal preferences in your engagement ceremony.To conclude, the aforementioned places are highly recommendable in case you are planning to through your engagement party in the heart of London. These places offer a wide range of facilities and the cuisines and alcohol offered is appreciable. These venues shall go with the precious engagement rings hatton garden.