Top 7 Places to Visit on Private Jet

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The epitome of luxury travel is undoubtedly travelling through an aircraft charter. Whether you’re embarking on a business trip or just want to enjoy time off with your loved ones, travelling through a private jet comes with numerous added benefits.

There are some destinations that are exclusively reserved for the uber-rich and can only be reached via charter flights. So, if you’re looking for an absolute escapade with your family or friends, we’ve got the perfect list of destinations for you.

Continue reading and choose the one you want to visit this holiday!

Telluride, Colorado

Located in southwestern Colorado, Telluride is one of the best ski destinations present in the region. It receives more than 300 inches of snowfall per year and is home to world-class skiing terrain. Because of this reason, it has been named the best ski resort in North America for five years in a row.

You can easily reach this amazing destination by taking a charter flight to Telluride Regional airport and on your way, you will witness the mesmerising views of the San Juan Mountains. This place not only has the best skiing facility but also has many exquisite eateries and boutique retail options.

Tiwi Islands Australia

Popularly known as the Island of Smiles, the Tiwi Islands are two islands Bathurst and Melville, that are famous for their unique lifestyle and art. These islands are really picturesque, with schools painted in wall murals to carved burial poles, everywhere you can see the tradition of the Tiwi people. It is present in Australia’s Northern territory 50 miles north of Darwin. Almost 3000 native indigenous Tiwi Australians reside in these spectacular islands. Visitors can easily reach these islands by taking a private jet to the Bathurst Island Airport.

Norman’s Cay, The Bahamas

Even though many places in the Caribbean are worth visiting, but Norman’s Cay beats them all. Accessible only via a private jet, this area was once the headquarters of Medellin Cartel, famous drug smugglers from Columbia. However, now it is home to a super-exclusive resort built by the Four Seasons Miami. Visitors get to indulge in the luxuries that this resort has to offer.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Jackson Hole in Wyoming is undoubtedly a skier’s paradise and because of this reason, many private jet travellers opt for this mesmerising destination. The scenic views of this valley are another added perk that visitors get to appreciate, along with world-class skiing.

Once you’re here, take things to the next level with the flabbergasting heli-skiing and snowmobiling, other than enjoying the elevated apres-ski activities. Even if you’re not into outdoor activities, don’t worry; you can still have an amazing time. You can opt to enjoy a relaxing day in the confined spa in the mountains that is only open for the resort’s customers.

Nimmo Bay Canada

The Nimmo Bay is a wilderness resort in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest. It is world-renowned because of its peculiar lodging. Visitors can only reach this place via helicopters as it is hidden away from the public in the deep wilderness. The visitors of this place get to witness the scenic views of the waterfalls, mountains and glaciers. Additionally, there are tons of outdoor activities in which they can indulge, from fly fishing to whale watching and grizzly bear spotting.

Anguilla Caribbean

Another island worth visiting in the Caribbean is the Anguilla that visitors can reach through charter flights. This island is like a paradise with crystal clear waters and picture-perfect beaches. It serves as a less crowded alternative to the neighbouring St. Maarten Island.

Stowe Vermont

If you’re searching for a scenic retreat from the hustle-bustle of city life, we have the perfect destination for you. The Stowe in Vermont looks like a Norman Rockwell painting with the perfect backdrop of snowy landscapes along with luxurious amenities. Visitors to this part of New England get to appreciate the exclusiveness that only the elite gets to enjoy.

These are some chic holiday destinations that you can conveniently reach through your charter plane. Therefore, if you’re planning a vacation with your loved ones, consider engaging any reputable company such as Empire Aviation to take care of your flights for you. Doing this will give you peace of mind and you can spend your vacays relaxing.