Minimum requirements for a UK Spouse visa

Minimum requirements for a UK Spouse visa

Getting a UK spouse visa approved would be the dream of many.After marrying your partner,moving to the UK could actually be the best opportunity for work and settlement. But making the right application is important, else your dream of moving to the UK and settling there could get shattered.


Let us see the three main requirements for a successful spouse visa application that you must qualify for.


Overview of a UK spouse visa


The UK spouse visa permits candidates to join their accomplice and live in the UK for over two years. While qualified to deal with this visa, the non-British accomplice can’t guarantee the vast majority of the advantages, tax breaks, or lodging help that UK residents are qualified for.


To apply under the companion visa, the candidate’s accomplice should as of now be a British resident, or be gotten comfortable in the UK (through Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), settled status or long-lasting home).


Financial requirements


The financial requirements to stay in the UK are very important. You must have adequate finances without accessing the public funds. Simply put, unless you are in the exempt category. You need to have a certain minimum amount of finances to take care of yourself and your dependents.


On the off chance that applying under Appendix FM. Then minimum salary should have a joint pay of basically £18,600 per annum. In case there are child dependents. Then this increments by £3,800 for the first child, and £2,400 for each kid thereafter.


To meet the base pay prerequisite, there are a few unique sources candidates can incorporate. You can also pay from business or independent work. Cash investment funds more prominent than £16,000, maternity pay and annuities.





Proving your relationship with your partner


Proving your relationship with your partner is imperative if you are seeking a successful UK spouse visa application.


Both applicant and the spouse must be of 18 years of age. They must have met and are living in cohabitation in the UK. The couple should also have a strong intent to live in the UK.


The applicant and the spouse must prove that they have legal marital status or civil partnership recognised in the UK.


On the off chance that applying as an unmarried couple, the candidate should give proof that they and their unmarried UK accomplice have lived with one another for somewhere at least two years.


The most important thing is to prove the genuineness of your relationship. Here are a few of the documents that you can evidence to prove your relationship.


  1. Civil partnership or marriage certificate.
  2. Communications exchanged between you and your partner in the form of social media exchange, text messages,etc.
  3. Any travel document to prove that you visited your spouse.
  4. Pictures of the couple together. Although not mandatory, immigration solicitors emphasize showing pictures as the evidence.



English language requirements


The candidate must, at least, have A1 level English in speaking and listening. Under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

You must be at least 18 years of age or above and below 65 years of age to give this English language test. If you are above 65 years and battling extreme mental health conditions. Then you can be exempted from giving the test.




Application and decision


For a successful online application,you usually need to wait for 8 weeks for the decision to come.You must also consult the leading immigration solicitors London, A Y & J Solicitors. They have 10+ years of experience in all immigration categories. Their bespoke services have helped over 4000 clients and you could also get your visa successfully through their bespoke services. Once your visa expires you can apply for a spouse visa extension.


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