Using Microsoft Teams with SharePoint – A Well-paid Combination

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If Microsoft Teams is a big conference hall, SharePoint is the facilitator for smooth interaction. If Teams sets the concert of action behind every idea, SharePoint orchestrates the details of it.

These analogies demonstrate the working relationship between two maestro tools provided by Microsoft. Both are independent as well as interdependent for their optimum usage. This article will discuss how these Microsoft Teams and SharePoint work together to collaborate harmoniously.

“No two teams are the same; no two projects are the same. Therefore, there is no universal tool for teams but a universal toolkit that we call Office 365.

Empowering teams is more than simply solving any logistical challenge of bringing people to the same place,” – Satya Nadela, CEO, Microsoft.

Furthermore, the workability with Teams can be emphasised with the help of SharePoint. It is one of the many Microsoft Teams partners that aims to provide a safe and functional work horizon to users.

SharePoint working with Teams

SharePoint does one job very effectively – managing documents. It assists Teams in compiling, storing, and maintaining all the shared files. Below are some of its functions:


It always maintains the old documents as a backup. Thus, even though the latest version is non-functional, the previous one can constantly be retrieved.

Content Management:

It is designed to not only store files but also as a tool to organise them. With the help of metadata features, the files can be arranged under various genres.


The advanced indexing search option makes this feature better than obvious. It does not search a file from the entire pool but indexes that for quick retrieval.


This feature makes the collaboration more enhanced when used with Teams because the user can cite the chosen documents to any chosen Microsoft Team.

We see SharePoint as a variable document directory that works online. However, when clubbed with Microsoft Teams, it can create a cohesive work environment. Consider the below points:

Sharing SharePoint pages content in Teams via a link

Using SharePoint straight away from a Teams page provided you run Microsoft Teams up to date version
Since you can use the Teams site on any device, you can open the Teams file in SharePoint. This shift will also help you track the file metadata in SharePoint and controlling the visibility and access of the files

Sync Teams file with SharePoint to spur a discussion around that data. As syncing will help you add conversation to a file and vice versa. This initiation can lead to a productive team chat, as everyone who can access the files can be a part of the chat.

“We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months. From remote teamwork and learning to sales and customer service; to critical cloud infrastructure and security. We are working alongside customers every day to help them adapt and stay open for business in a world of remote everything,” said Satya Nadela while presenting the quarterly earnings report to Wall Street at the outset of Covid-19 in 2020.

When used as per the tips, Teams and SharePoint can be the zestiest ingredients of your new projects. Furthermore, they can season the ongoing discussions with all the relevant files and data. At last, the up-to-date versions have been designed to cater for the more significant market needs providing better integration and collaboration.

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