We Are All Teachers Now

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The education apps have been a blessing in these tough times, as we strive to get through the pandemic. Educational institutions have also taken up the online mode of learning as it is safe and convenient. Apps are offering free online hobby courses that encourage people of all ages to explore and learn whatever interests them. These apps also offer many fun activities for kids such as Step by step drawing for kids, Online pottery Classes, animal sculpture, simple dinosaur sculpting, Turmeric painting, Watercolor painting, Madhubani painting, Acrylic paint, mythological painting, Watercolor painting, water doodling, Calligraphy writing, Animal Calligraphy, brush calligraphy, wedding dance, folk dance, Bollywood dance, Yoga postures, General Knowledge, Fireless cooking recipe, Art and craft ideas, English storytelling, mandala art for beginners, Clay moulding, Zumba kids, warli art painting, cubism painting, stained glass painting, geometrical shapes drawing, science experiments, ancient Egypt paintings, Mexican art, Scandinavian art, vegetable stamping, bottle cap painting ideas, hand stamping, ballet for kids and more. The e-Learning industry is becoming more and more popular as it caters to the students’ requirements. Some education apps offer free online courses while some are offering paid services. Yellow class is an impressive education website/app that offers several fun activities for kids online.

You can visit the Yellow Class | Home to avail any course that interests you. Education apps are in line with the modern way of learning, unlike the traditional way. These apps can be used anywhere which makes them loved by everyone. The involvement and guidance of parents required in online learning have turned them into teachers too. Parents now understand their contribution in making their kids learn and experience new things around them. Let us look at some of the features of the educational app:

  • The education app has a syllabus for every course offered. Many schools have started using education app to teach their students as it makes learning enjoyable. A free downloadable education app is also available for students. Yellow Class | Home offers many different courses for students of all ages. 
  • Course activities and notification- The app has a notification feature that keeps the users updated. Users are notified about the activities related to the desired course. 
  • Content quality- The instructional videos are an impressive way to teach children.  
  • Interactive sessions- The live sessions and interactive classes are some of the best features offered by the education app. Parents and tutors can also discuss the child’s progress and weaknesses. The personality development skills of a child are also polished. 
  • Regular mock tests- Regular assessments help in testing the user’s level of understanding.
  • Availability- The tutors are available 24/7 to cater to the difficulties of a child. They also advise parents to take an active part in a child’s learning process. Hence, guiding them at home becomes a lot easier with the advice of online tutors.
  • Multi-lingual- The online apps are offered in multiple languages to allow parents and kids to interact and understand subjects in a better way.
  • Feedback- The online education apps are open for honest feedback from parents.  
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