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Surrogacy is legally practiced in the country but not regulated at the Federal level. According to Czech law, the use of the body of women for money is a sin. Surrogacy is anonymous and free in the country. The biological parents of a child born are egg and sperm donors. A surrogate has no relation with the child instead of affection. The biological parents adopt the child after birth.

Surrogate Mother Agencies

Many agencies are working in the Czech for the treatment of infertile couples and help in finding the right surrogate. The details of Czech agencies:

    • Angels Friend

The agency provides an excellent experience to the intended couple. Eligibility criteria for the surrogates are strict at Angels Friend agency. All the surrogates need to meet the standard of the agency first. The agency only hires respectable women that undergo IVF procedure and help others. The main purpose of the criteria is to satisfy surrogates’ ethical choices. Surrogates must meet the criteria given below:

    • A surrogate must be a woman of 20-35 years old.
    • She must be psychologically and medically fit.
    • She should not be addicted to drugs and alcohol.
    • She must have healthy babies without any complications.
    • Her previous medical history should be clear and does not have any genetic disorders in the family.

How Does an Agency Select a Surrogate?

The leihmutter agentur assure that a woman must know the procedure and complications of pregnancy. She must be aware of the IVF procedure. Her consent is necessary that she is just like the nurse of a child for nine months. Surrogate is not the biological mother and has no genetic relationship with the child born. The main desire of a surrogate is to happy intended parents and fulfill their needs of a child. All the selected surrogates passed through series of deep psychological and medical examinations. The screening is observed by team experts to guarantee that surrogate is healthy for the surrogacy. Strict medical screening procedures and evaluation history of pregnancy permit to ensure a good chance of a healthy pregnancy.

How Intended Parents Find Surrogate?

The intended couple contact the agency and they find an immediate and best surrogate match for them. They held a meeting with the intended parents and surrogate separately and make agreements. The agency provides a service of:

    • Represents the legal interests of the intended parents.
    • Organize all medical aspects.
    • Provide support and legal counseling to both.
    • Handle the pregnancy of a surrogate.
    • Manage all reporting and administration.

When both parties are consent to the agreement agency sometimes arranges a meeting between them. The agency organizes counseling for them to observe their state of mind.

    • Perfect Match

The agency is located in Prague, named leihmutter in tschechien. The agency opened two years ago and providing its best surrogacy and surrogate services to the intended couples.

    • Long-Awaited Baby

Its short form is LAB.Com. It is a European agency that opened in Prague two years ago. The agency provides the best surrogate match and offers many new reproductive technologies for infertile couples. The main goal of the agency is to find long-awaited happiness for an intended couple. LAB offers its service to all couples of any gender. The agency is cost-effective and bears all additional risks and costs.

    • Hope and Happiness Surrogacy Agency

The motto of the agency is to build a bridge between the intended parents to have a child and surrogates who want to help them. We provide a surrogate mother that meets the need of the intended couple.

Paying a surrogate is a criminal offense under article 169 in the Czech Republic. The identity of the surrogate should be anonymous but in case of any emergency, agencies can arrange a meeting between them. These agencies provide a healthy match according to the client’s needs. The agency manages all the legal aspects of after birth itself by their experts and offers the services at cost-effective rates.