What Does the Detention and Bail Process Actually Look Like?

If you get in legal trouble, you might face a long road ahead. You’re bound to experience a lot of anxiety. There’s no doubt you want to get out of jail fast.

Jails are at full capacity. It’s no fun being under such conditions. You need to know how the detention and bail process works.

It’ll give you an idea of what you must do to get out of jail after your arrest. Read this article to learn what the process looks like.

Getting Arrested

You commit a crime and the police arrest you. Then what happens? Your next stop will be jail.

At the jail, you’ll undergo the booking process as you’ll be considered a criminal suspect. You can expect to undergo fingerprinting and have your mugshot taken.

You might be asking, “how will my loved ones know I’m in jail?” They can look you up through an inmate search. They can find you and help you get out of jail.

This is a service that offers information on each jail cell inmate. Click the link to see more about how this type of search works.

Getting Out of Jail

After this process, you can expect to undergo the bail process. This is an important process as it can help secure your release.

You’ll see a judge at your first court appearance. The judge will set your bail.

The judge will consider several factors to determine what your bail will be. At this time you won’t need a lawyer, but you’ll need someone to bail you out if you can’t post your bail yourself.

You must pay bail in cash to the court. It’s a secure form of payment that will serve as your get out of jail card. You must make it to your trial or face serious legal issues.

It’s in your best interest to show up to your court dates. If you show up, you can recover the bail.

Getting Help to Pay for Bail

What happens if you or your loved ones don’t have the money for bail? You might not have to stay in jail if you can get a bail bondsman to pay for your bail.

This person will pay your bail to secure your release. You must still go to court.

If you work with a bail bondsman, you must pay a small part of the bail upfront. Make sure to understand how this process works, so ask the bail agent questions about the process if you need to.

Understand How the Detention and Bail Process Work 

Going to jail doesn’t mean you have to suffer for days on end. If you know how the detention and bail process works, you can take action to get out of jail.

After the judge sets your bail, you must find a way to pay for it. You or a loved one can pay for it. By paying bail, you can get out of jail.