What Is Merch by Amazon? A Step-By-Step Guide

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Pepper is an on-demand T-shirt printing service from Amazon. It allows sellers to create and list free t-shirt designs on Amazon. There is no clear price and when a customer buys your shirt you get a royalty. Just upload your design, choose a color, and set the price – then let Amazon take care of the rest.

Many experienced sellers are predicting that the pepper will become huge through Amazon and now it’s time to join if you haven’t already. Read more on Olifant Digital.

How Do I Join?

Getting started is straightforward. You go to the landing page and click on the button labeled “Request Invitation”. Sign in with your Amazon ID, and afterward round out a straightforward structure. Once you’ve filled out a short form, wait for it to be approved. This can take between three weeks and three months, so if you’re interested, it’s best to get your application soon. Once you are approved, Amazon will ask for some basic information, then you can get started.

Pepper Dashboard is a place where you can upload designs, promote your t-shirt and analyze sales. To begin, you are restricted to 25 plans, yet when you sell 25 shirts, you will be moved up to Tier 2 where you can have up to 100 plans.  The more designs you have, the more chances you have to make money. The tiered system helps reward those who create quality designs and prevents spammers from flooding the program with a plethora of designs.

Why on Amazon?

Selling custom t-shirts on the internet is not a new idea. Valid, this can be avoided yet not except if you’re a nerd who realizes what he’s doing. They are currently the number one online apparel retailer, selling more than billion 10 billion annually to their closest online competitors. Many analysts believe that by 2020, Amazon marketing agency will be the single largest apparel retailer in the United States. Some think it will happen soon.

If you are thinking that royalty is very important because the process is so simple that you are wrong. Pepper pays more through Amazon than any other service. For example, a t-shirt sold at t25 will make you about $ 12 in royalties. On many other sites, a $ 25 shirt sale will cost you as little as -6 4-6.

With the right keywords, any product can rank high in Amazon’s search engine results. All the products on their website rank high on the internet search engines, and that means your T-shirts will get organic traffic. If you sell your t-shirts on other web platforms, you will need to promote yourself heavily to sell. On Amazon, you can carefully select your T-shirt niche and keywords to find buyers.

Profitable Shirt?

It’s hard to say what makes a great T-shirt design, but it’s easy to see a bad design.

Color is very important. This can be the only important thing to keep in mind, and you will want to limit your colors as much as possible. Many smart t-shirt makers recommend using 3 colors or less for a simple shirt, but you may have more complex artwork in mind. It is important to understand the color wheel. Proper use of colors will help make your t-shirt stand out.

It’s easy to get away with creating T-shirt graphics, but the sales figures reflect the fact that simple designs sell. If someone looks at your shirt for only 30 seconds, your shirt may be too busy. You want your shirt to be easily recognizable. Individuals wear realistic shirts to stand out enough to be noticed, however, disarray isn’t the right sort of consideration regarding rouse your shirt.

There is another important point to consider in creating a big shirt. Successful shirt design has a large number of harmonies. Asymmetrical designs are not necessarily bad, but the structure of the human mind is desirable. Continuously consider the intended interest group of your shirt, and remember that Amazon sells a large portion of these shirts to individuals younger than 34. It never damages to get input from your companions.

Use Keywords to Sell Your T-Shirts

The best thing about Amazon is its huge user base. You can tap millions of users with the right keywords. You can enter some of these keywords into your T-shirt product description and product title.

Searching for your long-tail keywords can take days. It is important to choose keywords with minimal competition. You’ll want to choose “clothes, shoes, and jewelry” for your research, and don’t underestimate the power of Amazon’s suicide feature. The long keywords in the engine automatically represent the actual searches on the site. Always search for keywords in a hidden window, because Amazon will automatically record your searches in the engine.

A search for “Mao Zedong Shirt” yielded about 69 results. Shirt queries provide a large number of results on the first results page, and it’s good for business. You need to be on the main page of any pursuit. A search for “President Jefferson Shirt” yielded 19 results. Always check the Amazon rating of your results. In the case of Jefferson shirts, the number of sellers in the first result is more than 300,000. This means that this person is selling only a few shifts per week.

Understanding Pepper with Amazon Fees

Fees for selling on Amazon Pepper vary based on several factors. The price you set for the shirt -> The higher the price, the more net you pay for each shirt. The type of shirt you choose. Currently, you can choose between unveiled or “premium” shirts. The premium cost is $ 1.50 higher. If your shirt is one-sided or double-sided -> the additional cost of a double-sided shirt is $ 4.50. As of March 15, 2017, the base price for the material, finish, and manufacture of the shirt is $ 9.80. Amazon then charges a 15-listing fee.

How Not to Suspend Your Pepper Account?

Now that we’ve had the amazing experience of designing T-shirts on Amazon, it’s time to drop some subversive information on you. Amazon has zero-tolerance for policy violations. Many pepper designers lose their accounts and have almost no chance of getting them back. Amazon is full of people who want to make it clear that they have no desire to give suspended designers a second chance.