What Steps AC Repair Companies Take For Proper Cleaning?

The air conditioning unit is one of the most important pieces of equipment that keeps your house cozy during all seasons.

When this unit is not clean then issues start to occur; so you must hire Air Conditioning Repair Companies for proper cleaning.

What Important Tips To Consider?

When you have planned to clean the air conditioning system; you should consider a few crucial points that will make the cleaning and maintenance easiest.

  1. Cleaning both AC inside and outside units is not a job that is done in an hour as the team has to clean two units. Make sure that you have a whole day free.
  2. The parts and even the whole unit have to be carried and taken out. This takes time and tactics, so planning is essential.
    1. Thinking that you can use simple tools to clean the Best car ac repair; then you are mistaken. Many times special techniques and tools are used for proper cleaning.
  3. The best thing that you can do is hire services of Air Conditioning Repair Companies that can do all tasks most professionally.

Air Conditioning Repair Companies Cleaning Inside Unit

A complete air conditioning unit has two parts the outdoor and indoor unit. Making the mistake of cleaning only one is dangerous. The following steps are taken to clean the indoor unit.

Switch Off The Power Source

The maintenance staff of various HVAC companies initially have to switch off the power source. This reduces electrocution and also damaging the unit. Switch off the unit and also unplug it.

Carefully Open The AC

The staff of HVAC companies including Wayne’s Heating And Air has the right tools and equipment to open the indoor unit carefully. The screws and bolts have to be kept secure; so that it is tightened at the end.

Use Brush To Dust Off Dirt Form Whole Unit

First, the dust has to be dusted off before any liquid is used. For a small unit, a small brush is used and even a toothbrush can be used for nooks and corners.

Cleaning The AC Parts With Sanitizer

In the current situation of the Coronavirus; the AC parts have to be sanitized and disinfected. Only the recommended products have to be used. The maintenance companies know what kinds of products are the best.

Close After Proper Cleaning

Remember the screws and bolts that the team took out; it is time for them to go back. It is important to close the unit properly.

Steps Of Cleaning Outdoor Unit

If the air conditioning maintenance procedures include cleaning the outdoor unit as well then you should continue with it. Not having its cleaning can be dangerous.

Remove Grill Very Carefully

The majority of the outdoor units have grills; so they must be removed carefully. Keep the grill in a safe place and clean it.

Clear-Away Debris Inside Out

The debris should be cleared out attentively because it can damage the unit and disturb the working of the AC unit.

Appropriate Cleaning Of Coils

As the filters are the vital part of the indoor unit; coils are the same for the outdoor part. Cleaning them should be done correctly.

Make Sure Fins Are Straight

Fins are the outermost part of the AC unit. With time, they can bend and get damaged. Several tools are available that can straighten it up.

Close The Outdoor Unit

Air Conditioning Repair Companies have the last task of closing the outdoor unit. When they have made sure that it is done; they out power back up and check if it is running properly.