What to eat after Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening, dental treatment can give us a brighter smile which expresses our personality and increases our confidence level. Teeth whitening removes our shy feelings about our smile and discussion with another person. As it’s a long period treatment cases must follow some rules after teeth whitening. The most important and conspicuous factor is food. So today we will discuss what to eat after teeth whitening.

Typically acidic, pigmented foods, vigorous is and stick types foods are not so favorable to our teeth. Acidic foods decay our teeth. That’s why we brush our teeth twice a day with alkali grounded toothpaste. The first 48 hours after teeth whitening we must avoid those foods including acid, pigment, stick, beverage, etc. Dentists call it the white diet and they recommend it highly. This diet is a short-time diet consisting of white and light-colored foods and drinks. So let’s know which foods are safe for teeth and which foods should avoid after teeth whitening.

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The effective process of white diet

Our teeth are normally attested one with another. But teeth whitening gives some change in our teeth. After professional whitening, our teeth get some extra space and become rather absorbent. Besides our dentine layer of truth becomes revealed for a short time. Our teeth absorb acidic and dark-colored foods more easily. After professional whitening, these foods can cause discoloration. The number of dyes and pigments can be limited by anyone by following the white diet for 48 hours after a whitening procedure. These pigments come into contact with our teeth and last until the sensitivity goes away.

Foods and drinks we can take after teeth whitening

As acid and pigment harm our teeth we have to take white-colored foods having low activity and totally free from pigments. Here are some examples.

Protein riched foods

Fish, chicken, tofu have light protein. These ports are great for use after teeth whitening. We can take them instead of sticks.

Carbohydrate based food

Carbohydrate-based foods like rice, bread, pasta have a great impact on the white diet. Bread or pasta has molasses or food coloring ingredients. That’s why I often advisors that give bread and pasta an artificially darker appearance. The molasses and coloring ingredients having into bread, rice or pasta can be transferred to our teeth.

White Cheese

Both cheeses and yogurts can be the better choice for the white diet. We have to skip artificially colored something.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are so friendly to our health and teeth. Green vegetables are suitable for the white diet. Fruits such as pears, bananas, apples, sugar cane are good for teeth.


Tea or coffee can be so harmful but water is the best drink for our smile brightness. It never causes staining or hampers our enamel. If someone wants to take batteries on the white diet water is the best choice.

Foods and drinks should be avoided after teeth whitening.

Foods, containing natural or artificial pigments lead to discoloration. So we have to avoid these foods and beverages. But it doesn’t mean that we have to cut out these foods forever. Actually, our teeth become more sensitive during the first two to four days after taking whitening treatments. So it is recommended to avoid these foods at least for only about two to four days.


there are two types of wines. They’re red wine and white wine. Both of them are harmful to our teeth. It can harm the color and enamel of our teeth. Red wine includes highly acid. Also, dark pigment causes stains. Again white wine is lighter than red wine. though white wine is lighter it can also break down or enamel.

Tea and coffee

The most popular drinks in the world are tea and coffee. We can’t imagine a single day without a cup of tea or coffee. It is so hard to avoid our tea or coffee habit for a few days. Both tea and coffee is the biggest source of stains. So everything these two drinks for some days can help us to free from stains. Tannins acid is found in tea and coffee. Tannins can build up over time and destroy the brightness of our teeth. It can break the color of our teeth. Our teeth are at their most absorbent after professional whitening. we must limit the habit of taking tea or coffee for a few days to get better results. If it is so hard for anyone he can hardly use a straw to help minimize contact with his teeth. But it’s best to avoid it.

Bottom Line :

We eat a lot of food. But all are not good for our health, especially for our teeth. Our teeth become damaged because of some hard foods.After teeth whitening, we must have maintained our food habits though it’s not an easy task. Then we will get a better result.


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