What to expect out of sales intelligence tools?

The one thing that modern-day businesses have realized is that data is crucial for the growth and expansion of any type of company. We can say that the data that is being used in the modern era is basically a genesis of millions of actions and thousands of downstream processes.

It’s true that finding a generic B2B database like the phone number of a company, the role of decision-makers in the company, the address of the company, and its email id is not very difficult.

But you should know that your sales and marketing team will need much more than this generic data. This is why you will have to consider the fact that both sales and marketing intelligence data is dynamic in nature and this means that it keeps on getting refreshed. There are various contexts included in it like budgets, finances, decision-makers, growth of the company, and all this keeps happening in real-time.

Instead of just simply growing the database, B2B intelligence is becoming more intelligent with time. But still, there are many marketers and salespeople who still don’t know how much the modern day B2B database has changed. Keep reading to stay illuminated regarding the sales intelligence tool outcomes.

Data quality and management

You can’t just collect a B2B contact database like the phone number of a company and then start building a marketing plan on the basis of it. Using data for sales and marketing is not that easy. You must be aware of the fact that many of the phone numbers are regularly updated and many email ids will bounce off and this is why data quality and management are essential.

Here are some of the ways sales intelligence tools measure the quality of the data being used by your firm:-

· Accuracy

· Timeliness

· Consistency

· Uniqueness

· Completeness

It’s true that maintaining the quality of the data is the duty of the data provider but in the end, only the end-user will be affected. This is why you need to understand that using sloppy data is always a waste of time and you will have to keep a balance between data quality and data quantity for a quality B2B contact database.

Accurate customer profiles

Both marketing and sales intelligence shape an accurate and ideal customer profile and this is the key to using the database in the right manner. There are many companies out there for whom, an ideal customer is mostly based on the opinion of the leader. But you will get different ideas from different leaders since the idea of the target buyer will always be inconsistent.

With the help of intelligence tools, you will easily be able to find companies that will look exactly like your ICP. This will allow you to focus on sales and marketing efforts in the right area.

Adequate sales intelligence

There are many companies out there that have a completely dedicated team for finding new business prospects. Well, there are many different kinds of lead generation tools that can be used by your company like SEO, cold calling, email campaigns, trade shows, and such. A sales and marketing tool can act as a magic wand for your company for discovering quality leads.

If you are looking forward to maintaining a pipeline of work then sales and marketing intelligence will become a handy tool for you. You should know that sales intelligence is crucial for a consistent pipeline of leads and that’s why you will need to focus on it.

You can host a related event and then create a list of targeted leads while taking advantage of sales intelligence in order to filter the leads and focus on only those who are worth following-up. This will be the best strategy for using B2B data.

Tech stack offered

If you are really looking forward to prioritizing the sales account then you will need to start taking advantage of sales technology stacks. You should know that tech stacks are basically a combination of different types of software solutions that include the firm’s installed technologies.

A tech stack can include an operating system, email platform, programming language, and even your B2B data as well. With the help of tech stacks, companies will be able to identify opportunities since no firm out there can sell into an account until the technology is involved. In addition to this, tech stack will also allow marketers to use competitive intelligence and this will help in directing the marketing campaigns towards decision-makers only.

Competent intelligence

Going through the technology stack of both the competitor and the prospect is necessary but you should know that it is the intent data that ensures timely outreach. In the modern era, both intent data and the opportunity data are acting as a hallmark of sales intelligence and that’s why they matter so much for the marketers and salespeople.

When it comes to marketing, then it is all about timing. You can say that sales intelligence is basically a large set of accurate data that is able to integrate with all the other systems of the company in an ideal manner. And when you will partner with a B2B data providing company while taking advantage of sales intelligence, you will be able to better fuel the growth of your company while also gaining a competitive edge.

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