What’s The right cake for the right moment

Mumbai the city with all the dazzling colours and playful opportunities, the leader of the fashion industry and ambitions for millions is also a benchmark for many other industries to match their level of success. The cake industry for one has many inspiring ideas pouring in, melting more and more people to try tasting these cakes and fall in love with the idea of celebrating with them. There are literally thousands of bargain balloons available at 40% off, deals for parties.

Cakes initially were thought of as high sugar diets that caused people to get fat and were not to be eaten often. They were meant for birthdays and that too a slice for a person. Although tremendous growth and development are to be seen in the industry with the call of endless, vegan, low sugar, and other kinds of cakes that reduce the sugars and calories in the ingredients and still come out to be sweet and lip-smacking treats.

Today cakes are for everyone from oldies to kids, more gym freaks to foodies. And we are going to discuss such cakes in Hyderabad that are perfect for moments and are made just for them.

Hold our hand as we take you to the land of scrumptious cake types you can go for at the right moment.

1. Pinata cakes

Getting right into it with the newest variety in town we have pinata cakes that are currently in fashion just like the city Mumbai. They are ball, heart or other shaped coats under which a whole bunch of things and cake sponge that make you go mmmm. They are fun and delicious for professional parties and bachelor parties too.

2. Butterscotch and chocolate cakes

Butterscotch and chocolate are two cake flavours that are everyone favourites and turn out to be weaknesses for most. You can enjoy them on birthdays and anniversaries.

3. Red velvet cakes

Red velvet cakes with their crumbs and sponge are the ultimate cakes representative of love and hence perfect for valentines and anniversaries. You can even get them in heart shapes.

2. Poster cakes

Poster cakes are great when occasions are yearly and they are celebrated throughout the world. For example, a poster cake for Holi or Diwali or one for the new year is an easy yet popular choice to go for.

3. Photo cakes

Photo cakes are extra meaningful and representational of occasions where valuing a person is crucial. For example, celebrating a promotion you can get a photo cake with the recipient holding their prize per se.

4. Heart-shaped cakes

Heart-shaped cakes are most popular for Valentine’s and anniversaries or birthdays when you are celebrating your girlfriend or boyfriends. They can be preferable to the chocolate flavour.

5. Lopsided cakes

Lopsided cakes are extremely meaningful, like a semi-circle cake for a silver jubilee or a lopsided cake that has a fondant design on top of it giving it meaning.

6. Rainbow cakes

Rainbow cakes are specially used when it’s a kid’s birthday that you have to celebrate. They are gem-filled and have all seven colours in the layer of sponge. And loved immensely by kids.

7. Cakes with toppings

Cakes with loads of toppings like a dark chocolate cake with milder milk chocolate moulds or a choco truffle cake with Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher, Oreo, flakes and crumbs on it can be nice for occasions where many people are to come or a cosy weekend with friends.

8. Cakes with fillings

Cakes with fillings like pinata cakes, tsunami cakes, fondant cakes, rainbow cakes, and whatnot are important when it’s all about a surprise or a person celebrating being unleashed by a million hurdles. The biggest and craziest celebrations call for cakes with fillings and are truly heartwarming.