When Should You Repair Your Roof vs Replace Your Roof?

The roof of any building or structure is often subjected to different weather elements throughout the year, which results in roof damage. This makes one opt for various roof repair works either as DIY projects done by homeowners themselves or through roof contractors. A roofing expert can immediately assess the damage and suggest repairing or replacement based on the assessment. However, when doing it yourself, a question often pops up whether repairing will do the trick and deliver the desired results or replacing is the only way out. 

“The answer is not as simple as it may seem.”

One would need to be honest in answering questions like the extent of roof damage, age, condition, etc. As an individual, if you cannot figure out whether your roof needs repair or a replacement, get in touch with an experienced and reputed roofing contractors in Denver, CO, to get your roof accessed. 

Things to factor in when considering Roof Replacement

Extent of Damages

Minor wear and tear in the roof will ask for repairs and occasional maintenance to be carried out. However, if the damage is visible on a large area, then replacement is the only answer. When the damage is limited to a small space, the repair may need patching up the holes or leaks. In such times, taking up the roof repair as a DIY project or hiring a roofing specialist is a good idea. Spending thousands on complete roof replacement in this scenario is certainly not advisable. 

Roof specialists can determine how best to fix the roof issues. For example, after a windstorm, getting commercial roof repairs through a roofing expert is always a better option. It helps to minimize the impact on the daily operations of the commercial setup.  

Financial Aspects

Another factor that one needs to ponder over is the costs involved. Roof replacement is an expensive and time-consuming affair, and one should always take a quick look at the finances. The cost incurred in a roof replacement is not just restricted to the cost of the roof being replaced. The cost of relocating those living in the house for the duration of residential roof replacement also needs to be factored in. This would mean not only you would have to bear an additional cost for rentals, cost of moving out and moving back in again, etc. 

Time Factor

Under the ideal conditions and circumstances, it takes one day to tear off the old roof and take 2-3 days for a team of 40 people to install the new roof. Comparatively, the repairs can be done within a day’s work in the extreme. So, it is understandable that roof repair is the better option between the two options being discussed here if there is a shortage of time. Roof repair will fix the issue, stop further damage, and be done on time. However, the long-drawn process of replacing the roof will need time for planning and execution. 

Roof Age

When we talk about the age of a roof, one would need to go back and see what shingle type was used during the initial roof laying. The three-tab shingles are expected to stay good for 15 years and, in some cases, survive till 20 years. On the other hand, the superior quality heavy ones last for 40 years, resisting some of the most extreme weather elements. 

Yet when the roof reaches its sunset years, its signs become evident. Some of the visible signs of an old roof are missing or curled shingles, sagging roof, loose granules, etc. Hence, before opting for roof replacement, one should determine the roof age and current state. 

When should you consider Roof Replacement?

When one realizes that the repairs job is not, in the real sense, a repair job but more of a stop-gap arrangement, it is wise to opt for a roof replacement. A roof damaged beyond the scope of repair work may have been caused by extreme weather elements such as harsh sunlight, hailstorms, an accident like a tree falling, or leakage causing rot throughout the roof. In addition, any natural disaster like a hurricane or a tornado that has struck and played havoc with the roof at your home or commercial roof structure will possibly make the roof weak and will certainly need replacement. Even though it may seem the roof is sturdy to the naked eye, you will have to keep in mind that the strong winds and lightning strikes may have compromised the roof’s structural integrity. Therefore, it is best to follow a general rule: if the extent of roof damage is within the scope of 30%, then one can opt for repair. Beyond that, roof replacement is advised.  

Roof replacement is the answer if the current roof has gone past its prime. When the roof reaches its age, you observe that:

  • It starts to leak
  • The shingles start falling off in the slightest winds
  • The ceiling begins to sag
  • There are punctures in the top layers of the roof 
  • Holes in the attics 

All these indicate that repairing the roof’s lifespan can no longer be extended with repair, and it badly needs replacement. 

A worn-out roof also affects the aesthetics and curb appeal of the house. One may need to replace the roof if it is not compliant as per the local council code. Failure to do so may draw the attention of the local council and lead to incurring hefty fines. Non-compliance can also play a spoiler when you decide to sell your property. If the roof is nearing its age, i.e., let’s say as per the manufacturer, the roof is supposed to last for 20 years and it’s already 18 years, then it is better to go for a roof replacement. 

Benefits of Roof Repairs

Whether you are looking for roof repair for a commercial or residential structure, some of the benefits of roof repair over replacement are:

  • Roof repairs prevent further roof damage
  • Roof repairs are more time-efficient and pocket friendly
  • Roof repairs improve the aesthetic appeal of the structure without one having to spend more on the entire roof replacement
  • Roof repairs do not require additional costs like finding temporary accommodation (residential) or production halt (commercial)

Benefits of Roof Replacement

When you opt for roof replacement, you get the following benefits:

  • Roof replacement will enhance the visual appeal of the house 
  • You will have a new roof that will not require any repair for the next few years
  • Your building will be up to the standards codes as per the state laws

Why consider a roofing contractor to repair/ replace your roof?

When you decide whether you need the roof repaired or it is better to go for roof replacement, it is best to have the roof accessed by expert roofing contractors. A certified roof expert can estimate roof repair costs and recommend the best possible options of roof replacement. In your efforts to save money, do not opt for a roof repair that will not last long and will require another repair after a short duration of time. Similarly, do not opt for roof replacement if you can see a lot of life still left in your roof. Probably a few repairs will fix the minor issues.

Wrapping Up

You might want to get your roof inspected by different roofing contractors before making the final call as a property owner. It is always wise to educate yourself from internet research, asking around in your neighborhood, friends, or relatives, and only after weighing the pros and cons of both roof repair and roof replacement, and only then taking the final verdict.