Why Are Pillow Boxes Becoming The New Packaging Trend?

In the era of fierce competition, it has become even important for the brands to make their unique and special market place among their competitors. There are tones of different styles of custom boxes available in the market when it comes to packaging. Each style of box has its own value and provides unlimited benefits.

But for some undeniable reasons, pillow packaging is becoming a new trend in the packaging industry. These boxes offer a unique packaging solution that plays a vital role in making your products stand out and look appealing. 

Wholesale pillow boxes offer a perfect packaging solution that is sufficient for adding value and beauty to the product that is packed inside in it. Pillow boxes offer easy to assemble and unboxing experience.

Moreover, these pillow boxes add a professional and elegant look to your products. That is why the cardboard pillow boxes are the top choices of brands.

These boxes have unique shapes and play a major role in enhancing the visual appeal of the products.  

One of the most famous and emerging uses of window pillow boxes in the packaging industry is gift packaging. Pillow boxes due to their unique style are ideal for packing gifts. Moreover, you can design these custom pillow favor boxesin different ways depending on your product requirements and customer’s demands. You can use these boxes to represent wedding favors to the guests.

In addition, you can personalize the favor pillow boxes according to different events. Here are some of the major reasons why pillow boxes are trending.


Custom packaging always offers affordable and high-quality packaging solutions for a variety of products. You can customize the design according to the endless options available to accommodate your production in your budget. Moreover, there are printing options, including offset and digital printing. You can choose the printing technique according to your budget.

The custom manufacturing process costs less because of freedom of choice. This way, you can also avoid wastage of material. The pillow boxes bulkcan be stacked upon one another, thus taking less storage space and, therefore, helping you reduce the shipping cost.


No matter how beautiful your packaging looks from the outside, if you cannot make it safe and protective, then it is of no use. Product protection is the most important and main concern of the manufacturers and customers.

If you want to make sure that your product reaches your customer’s destination in its original state or form, then custom pillow boxes are a perfect choice. Pillow boxes made with high-quality material and printing services USA are the best in this regard.

They provide the ideal resistance from wear and tear, making the customized pillow boxes the best way to pack your products. 


Custom packaging is an excellent way to promote and market your brand. In order to be successful, it is important to reach your target audience, and for that, you need publicity. If you do not market your brand or product in the right way, you will not be able to reach your audience. Thus, your sales will never increase.

Custom pillow boxes with your company’s logo and name printed on it make your customers aware of your products and brand. This creates brand awareness and helps to enhance revenues and sales.


In custom packaging, you have various choices ranging from material to final design to choose for. The unique shape of pillow packaging is already appealing, but with a little customization, you can make these boxes look even more fascinating.

There are various add-on options you can choose to enhance the overall outlook of the boxes. For instance, you can use bold colors to make the product stand out among similar products in the retail shop.

Other than this, you can use spot UV, embossing, and debossing to print your company’s name and logo on the boxes. Moreover, to enhance the transparency of the product, you can use PVC windows. In short, there are numerous options to upgrade the look of the box via customization. 


One of the most amazing features of pillow packaging is that these boxes are easily accessible. You can also get pre-made boxes and can make them in order. Moreover, if the size of pillow boxes suits your product, you can buy the readymade boxes and then design or print them according to your requirements.

Many packaging companies are offering pillow packaging in bulk and that too at affordable rates. No matter what type of business you own and which product you want to pack, these custom pillow boxes provide the perfect solution for almost every product.  


One most promising benefit of using custom pillow boxes is that these boxes offer versatile packaging. It can hold an array of products related to different industries, including soaps, gifts, apparel products, cosmetics, and other small merchandise.

Pillow boxes present an ideal way to showcase your products in the most suitable manner. You can design the brown pillow boxes the way you want.

In addition, you can use thicker cardboard to enhance the overall strength of the material if you are planning to pack heavier objects.

You can also use theprinted pillow boxespackaging in the food and medicine industry like other retail businesses. Today many food and pharmaceutical industries are using aluminum coating inside the pillow boxes.

This enhances the shelf life and protectiveness of food items and medicines. Pink pillow boxes are famous for preserving and packing candies, sugar, chocolates, dry fruits, beans, and other food products. 


In conclusion, pillow boxes offer many benefits combined with versatile uses. If you are still confused about where to buy pillow boxes,thenPlus Printersis the best packaging company to rely on.

You can uplift your product presentation by adding a unique touch to them with pillow boxes. Moreover, these custom boxes and kraft paper pillow boxesareeco-friendly and 100% recyclable. This way, you can also contribute to reducing the waste burden from the planet.