Why iFun Screen Recorder is a Great Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder is a free screen recording software for Windows designed by screen recorder that allows you to record every action from your computer screen. Supports recording from your microphone and computer to add to recorded video. It is the best screen recording software for recording lectures, presentations and other online conferences. Custom video size is better to protect your video from unauthorized access. You can change the screen capture format to a more compatible version and watch it on all your smart devices. Quality is not included when it comes to screen capture to take the experience to a whole new level.

So it allows you to select the desired area of ​​your screen to start recording in high quality video format and automatically save to the selected folder. You can use the included cropping tool to take a screenshot while capturing your screen to capture details. The home screen displays buttons to click on the mouse movement to place the cursor and follow the mouse movement on the screen. You can not add a watermark to your online screen capture, so you can do it live for sharing.

What do we need to know about iFun screen recorders?

Also, the iFun Screen Recorder is free to use and does not include your logo on the recorded video. You can now display your recorded lectures without covering the screen using some logos. This tool can not save your logo even after editing the recorded video as well as its basic video editing tool. The quick share feature is useful for sharing your screenshots with your friends on various social media markers. And there is no limit on the length of the screen video, so you can record long videos at the same time. This is a great option for live broadcasters who want to record a live game and post it on their social media accounts to get more likes.

This device can record audio during screen recording. You can record audio simultaneously with a speaker, a microphone, and a mouse click. You will get a great recording experience when you do not need outside help to record audio, especially for your videos.

Another thing about it !!

However, you can record and convert your video in more than 12 formats: ADMS, LFC, SFM, FFI, etc. You can create your own custom video. With this special feature, you will be able to create smooth videos for normal digital devices. No need to use a third-party video converter like Format Factory, just record the format of your choice and eliminate the problem of video format compatibility on any platform. With just a few clicks, you can begin to capture whatever you want on your computer.

First you need to download and install the online screen recorder on a Windows PC. Once installed, run it from the desktop. Choose your recording preferences. You can choose whether to shoot full screen or specific areas. You can also turn on / off the speaker, microphone and mouse click sound. For advanced users, you can locate your video to set your preferred video capture settings for ISR. The iFun screen recorder is the best free screen capture tool available for Windows PC. This has all the necessary functions to capture the screen in the best way, it is free to use and does not put your watermark on the video. You will get the most important benefits of this screen capture device respectively.