Why you should Borrow money from the Ikano Bank

Are you looking to start your own business? Or are you looking for temporary financial help that you can return later on? Or maybe you want to pay off a previous debt that has been knocking down on your doors recently. No matter your reason to get a loan, we at Ikano help you get all kinds of loans with competitive status. It is a self-formulating process that allows you to customize your own loan and then fill an online application which is simple and only takes a matter of a few minutes to complete the loan application.

After this application is fulfilled your loan application will be rated according to credit and it will be decided if your application should be approved or denied. From here you will only be a few steps away from being able to sign a loan contract and getting your loan paid off within a matter of days. Once you receive this loan you will be able to pay it off on the basis of monthly installments. You will even be provided the facility to track your monthly payments or installments via MinKonto. Ikano offers installment loans with reliable interest rates, there are many other benefits to this kind of loans as mentioned below: 

Predictable monthly payments: 

Installment loans have fixed interest rates on these loans for the entirety of the loan. This means that your monthly payment in installments is predictable and thus manageable. Fixed interest rates are much better for borrowers because they will not have to worry about an unpredictable total amount that they will need to pay for by the end of the month. You will know exactly the amount that is needed and you can arrange for it to be submitted. Borrowers will know the duration of monthly installments as well as the regular monthly payments that will need to be delivered. 

Longer terms mean lower monthly payment: 

Installment loans are normally paid off over a longer period of time which really takes off the burden from the individual borrower because you will be able to pay lesser amounts in monthly payments with a longer-term period of payment. 

Speed gets Borrower’s money fast: 

At Ikano you may be able to acquire a loan as soon as two days. You will not have to go through a long process of documentation and verification that you will probably have to go through in most other banks. There is a process but it is not as elongated and elaborate that you can not get a loan on average within two weeks. There is less documentation that is required at Ikano. This means that the receiving time of the loan cash payment is quicker than in most other banks. 

Our Focus is on a Solid Budget: 

When you borrow money, you must have a proper plan to pay it off back in due time. We do not just offer loans at Ikano but also help you pay it back. You must have a proper budget that you follow including the living costs and the variable and non-variable costs. We offer your assistance with paying monthly and quarterly payments so that you will have enough room in your budget to pay off the loan. You will have an essential overview of your finances in the long run. 

Who is eligible for a loan at Ikano: 

  • Individuals of 18 years of age or older
  • You must not have any record in the Debtor register or the RKI
  • You must be a local resident of Denmark 

These are the basic requirements that qualify you for a loan. There are more that will be determined upon receiving your application.