4 Applications of Automated Text Messaging for the Benefit of Your Business

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Hit the road with confidence by knowing you have reached your customers whenever and wherever they are most likely to check messages. With automated Text Messages, your business can send messages to customers at a time that works for them – without any of their phone numbers. It’s easy to stay in touch with customers, engage with them through automated text messages to reach consumers wherever they are.


For example, when one of your customers views a product on your mobile website or clicks a link about a product that goes to a mobile page, they will automatically receive a mobile text message with a special offer from you.


1.   Marketing Campaign for A New Product Announcement

Using automated text messaging is an effective way to announce the product. This new service allows you to “push” a pre-written text message to a select group of consumers who opt-in to receive the notifications.


The ability to customize the message allows companies to customize it for different audiences, which helps increase reach. The automated text message received by the customers will encourage the customers to visit the website to learn more about the product.


An automated text messaging service could be a beneficial way to keep your customers up-to-date on new products, announcements, or changes in policies. Take advantage of automated text messaging campaigns to send out information about your company’s products and services, as well as breaking news stories.


2.   Automate Sales Leads and Prospects

Automated Text Messaging software empowers you to manage your own sales leads, online orders, and account orders. Textp2p platform sends real-time automated text messages to you or your team at designated times. The message will say, for example, ‘Ian Smith just entered his order on the website. Look on your desktop for his order confirmation.’ The benefits are increased sales, greater productivity, and larger profit margins.


When you have a lot of leads, text messaging can help you stay organized. The automatic messaging system automatically sends lead-generation or follow-up messages to anyone, whether they’re on your contact list, have downloaded your app, or are just interested in learning about your business.


3.   To Improve Customer Service and Loyalty

Your business must be able to communicate with its customers. A great way to accomplish this is through the use of automated text messaging. Customer care representatives can reschedule appointments or answer customers’ questions about policies with automated text messages.


As businesses realize the need for a robust online presence, customer service has become a higher priority. With a recent survey finding that 51% of consumers use text messaging to connect with brands they enjoy, text messaging marketing is becoming a hot topic for many business owners.


Automated text messaging allows you to reach your customers at the right time with relevant information. Keeping them informed about the latest offers is easy when you can send an out-of-office text message when they call, a must for service-based businesses. Customers love to get all of the information they need in one place, while your business will love improved brand loyalty and shortened bounce rates.


4.   Ask for Reviews

As you know, getting reviews is crucial to helping your business grow. You work hard to give customers a great experience, but what happens when they’re out of your sight? With this automated text messaging app, you can leave messages in their inbox after they’ve left your store! Your customers must know how much you appreciate them when they are in your store and when they are on their daily routines or heading out of town.


The automated messaging system uses the native messaging service of the phone, so no third-party apps are necessary.  Keep communicating with your customers, encourage them to give you feedback, and stay with you through automated text messaging.



Automated text messaging service helps you touch your audience in a personal way that leads to increased revenues. The modern generation consumes a lot of information. That’s why businesses that can effectively communicate their products and services to this tech-savvy group thrive. Text messaging is a powerful tool for personalizing the flow of information, as it makes it possible to deliver important messages on the go.

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