4 Must Have Business Management Software for New Entrepreneurs

Running your own business is hard enough. Once you start dealing with multiple employees, working at different branches, and collaborative products, it can seem impossible to stay organized. 

But you don’t have to do it all alone! There are business management software programs out there to help you be a better boss to your employees and help your business succeed at the same time. We’ve listed four of our favourites below. 

1. Slack

With everyone working from home now, team members can’t hop from cubicle to cubicle to communicate or just run down the hall. They have to send an email, wait for the email to send, read, and then respond to. And sending emails all day clogs up your inbox and makes it hard to find the things you need. 

So in the mid-twenty-teens, Slack was invented. The inventors took the concept of live messaging, like we were already using on sites like Facebook, and applied it to the workplace. 

You can have different “channels” or group chats for specific teams, plus private message individual users. Plus, there are so many ways to have fun with this business management software, like their built-in gif feature! 

2. Asana or Monday

We expect that these sites will soon have a slack-like feature or ad on, but you communicate with others right now through comments. 

These sites are project management sites. You can break down a project into as many steps as you want, assign those steps to your team members, and give them a due date. Members can then attach files to those tasks and click “done” to show they’ve completed a task. 

If your business is very collaborative, Asana or Monday.com are great options for keeping everyone on the same page. 

3. Paycheck Software 

As the business owner, you’re going to need something that (1) calculates how much you owe your employees and what taxes to take out, then (2) a system that can automatically pay them for you through direct deposit at least print a paycheck. 

Direct deposits are easiest for everyone, but your employees may still want a paystub, at the very least, to track earnings and taxes. Make sure you pick a paycheck generator that works for you and your company size when it’s time to pay (your) pipers. 

4. Scheduling Software 

If your business is utilizing shifts or have hourly employees, you need some shift scheduling software. Many people like the site when to work, as it not only shows schedules but allows employees to find someone to cover if they’re unable to make it. 

Employees can even add their availability to the online calendar to makeshift scheduling more comfortable for you or your HR head. 

Employers love this site (and those like it) because people can find covers for their shifts, which means you’re not left filling in at a moment’s notice. These sites price by the number of employees, so you may want to work up to using it as the business grows.

The Best Business Management Software 

There are so many things to keep straight as a business owner. Not only are you, your boss, but you’re everyone else, boss, too. That means you have to be a leader, a mentor, and the CEO all at the same time. 

These business management software programs will help you keep everything organized — and most of them have free versions, so no excuses! 

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