Top 7 Meditation Apps To Download In 2020

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Meditation is the best way to achieve the calmness of mind. And if a person is suffering from depression and anxiety then meditation will cure their mind of such diseases. There are also some apps that are often used by many people to cure their depression. These apps are not totally free they have built-in purchase features but the free version is also enough to provide you the maximum benefit. Would you like to find out about 13377x .to 13377x films download or 13377x.in 13377x-to movies?

All of these apps are available on both google play store and apple store. Check the detail, ratings, and complete description of each product below. These apps are arranged on the basis of ratings on the apple store.

  • Headspace:

With a rating of 4.9 on the apple store, the number one app on our list is headspace. Headspace is an app by an American healthcare company. With the help of this app, you can practice different meditation techniques to achieve peace of mind. Besides this, they also have many sleep music that you can listen to while sleeping.

  • Insight Timer:

Another app with a rating of 4.9 is insight Timer. This app was also mentioned in the list of 50 best apps for 2016 by Time magazine. This app continues to update on a daily basis and therefore every day new free meditation guides are coming continuously on this app. This app also has the community therefore, you can also take part in discussions.     

  • YogaGlo:

YogaGlo is also the best app with a rating of 4.9. This app is not just limited to meditation but it also has yoga instructions. Everything provided on this app is from professional people so don’t hesitate to use this app for your benefit. Even the best doctors in Peshawar also recommend this app for self-meditation and exercise.    

  • Calm:

The forth App in our list of meditation app is calm. This app has a rating of 4.8 on the apple store and it has more than 1 million downloads. This app has many courses that you can use for keeping your stress level low. It has 3 to 23 minutes of meditation lessons and it also contains the kid section that is specifically for kids.

  • The Mindfulness App:

The fifth app with a rating of 4.7 on the apple store is The Mindfulness App. This app is developed by MindApps. With the help of this app, you can practice 3 to 30 minutes of silent meditation. Not only that, but it also has a 5 days guide that will help you to understand the usage of the app. Moreover, you can also personalize the app as per your interest.

  • Breethe:

The second last app on our list is breethe. This app also has a 4.7 rating just like the mindfulness app. On this app, you will get multiple self-meditation lessons from the professional coach. You can also listen to the motivational talks and guided meditation series free. Like previous apps, this one also has the sleep music playlist. Besides this, it also contains different natural sounds that will help you to fresh your mind.

  • Aura:

The last app our meditation apps list is Aura. This app also got 4.7 ratings on the apple store. This app is liked by many people because it provides you content as per your mood. It has varieties of meditation guides, sounds, and even stories. This app is unique because it detects your mood automatically and cheers you up with the best content.

These are the top 7 meditation apps that you can download in your handset for self-meditation. Which one is your favorite app? Comment down below.