5 Exciting Activities your Kids will Love and Enjoy

Do you have a child who is regularly asking what they can do, or trying to fill their time? It can be hard to keep your little one entertained, especially if you are on a budget. That is why we have some affordable activities that can be highly involved and enriching at the same time. Whether you are wanting to make the most out of the sunny days, or have a solid backup plan for a rainy forecast, these are some great options to consider. It can be especially hard to fill your child’s days if they have a lot of energy and struggle to sit still most of the time. Here are some ideas to help you enjoy your time together, or even keep them occupied with friends or siblings. For more detail and specific activities catered to your child’s age range, check out https://toddlertrips.co.uk/


This one is very weather dependent, but it can be a really effective way to encourage your little ones to branch out of their comfort zones and even try things that you used to do when you were younger. There are rocky and sandy beaches across the UK. you don’t need to specifically go to one or the other, just head to whatever is local to you and involves the easiest transport. During a warm day, you could show your kids a beach and encourage them to get their feet wet in the sea. You could even bring buckets and spades to build their first sandcastle. Another great activity is to look through rock pools and show them the different species that can be found there. Food by the beach is a must. Ice cream or fish and chips always taste better by the sea, but for a more cost-effective option, you could pack a picnic lunch with your kids’ favourite snacks. Another great way to encourage them to be self-sufficient is to get them to help you prepare and pack lunch if they are older. This encourages them to think about how they are fuelling their bodies and to consider others as well as plan ahead of time. 

Farm park 

Another great activity you can do with children of all ages is to pay the local farm park a visit. This is a perfect opportunity to educate them on animals and how they need to look after as much as we do. It is a great way to teach self-awareness and encourage them to take in their surroundings. Most farm parks within the UK are highly interactive, and you are able to feed a lot of animals. Sometimes there is even the option to pet certain animals during a quiet day, owners can be very friendly and encourage your children to ask as many questions as they can think of. During a warmer day, this is a great option to bring a picnic because a lot of farm parks have outdoor play areas as well. Let your children blow off some steam and not worry about getting dirty, farms are a great place for them to explore. 


The weather can be an obstacle this time of year, so a great solution is to plan a day out at a local museum. Many museums within the UK offer an interactive child-friendly experience, but if you want to ensure that they are engaged, why not try reading up on a historical character who is featured in the museum with your little one. You could even go as far as to create a checklist for them to engage with more displays. Another great option for this is to customise lists for your kids, and add questions that they can answer. For example, if they can read but not much else, simply make a checklist of basic items for them to tick off. If they find instructions easier to follow or even word puzzles, you could ask them specific questions about certain areas, like “what colour were the Queen’s shoes during her coronation?” if there is a corresponding display, of course. 


Moving towards indoor-based activities that are less weather-dependent, is an aquarium visit. Like museums, these are usually highly interactive for children and can offer scavenger hunt-style activities to keep them entertained and learning at the same time. Planning a visit to an aquarium is a great way to fill an afternoon and teach your kids about the natural world and the creatures that live there. Aquarium visits are usually more expensive than museums and farm shops, so this might take a little longer to prepare for. Also, read about transferring Betta Fish from Cup to Tank.

Soft play 

Another indoor activity you can do with your children that they will love is heading to your local soft play area. This doesn’t rely on the weather and is perfect for younger and older kids alike. Soft play areas typically have designated cafés where children can find you, or if you have a toddler, they will enjoy the separate area specifically for smaller children. This is also a great option if your child is particularly high in energy because it is extremely interactive. While soft play tends to be fairly inexpensive, for a special occasion you could try booking a trampoline park if your children are a little older. This is a great idea if they want to bring a friend each, or even if you want to join forces with another parent with kids of similar ages if they all get along. 

Overall, these are some options for everyone who wants to keep their child entertained on a budget or not. For more detail, follow the link above. The key is preparation and finding a creative way to engage them with checklists or scavenger hunts while showing them how the world works.

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