5 Tips on How to Care for Fusion Hair Extensions

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Fusion hair extensions is one of the most popular methods to make your hairstyle better. And this is not surprising, because keratin bond extensions allow you to achieve exactly the effect that every girl dreams of. Your hair will be voluminous, shiny and well-kept. And also the styling is very comfortable in wearing.

To extend the wearing of this hairstyle, you need to know how to properly care for it. Fortunately, there is nothing difficult.

Here are 5 key rules that will help keep the beautiful look of your hair.

  1. Regularly comb your hair

This should become your favorite ritual. The correct technique of combing is to move from the tips to the roots.

Comb your hair in the morning, during the day when it is needed, and before going to bed. Do not forget to comb it before washing your head.

Hair extension brush greatly affects the term of extensions wearing. We recommend buying a special comb, it will help delicately untangle hair extensions without pulling them out.

You can buy hair extension brush for hair extensions on the website of the Canadian company I Love Slavic Hair. This brand specializes in quality original products for extensions.

Here you are guaranteed to find everything you need to keep the extensions and natural hair healthy and beautiful!

  1. Choose a good hair care products

Consult with the stylist which shampoo, mask and conditioner are best for your hair.

Use hair conditioner every time you wash the head, and mask – once a week.

  1. Do not use too hot or cold water for washing your hair

Too hot water can negatively affect the bonds, while too cold simply will not wash your locks.

Ideally, wash your hair while standing in the shower: this way you will not tangle the hair near the bonds, and they will serve you longer.

  1. Do not blow dry the hair with hot air

This is especially important for the area where the bonds are located. Hot temperature can damage them, which will affect the lifespan of the hairstyle.

And also do not forget to use thermal protection before you do the styling.

  1. Buy scrunchies and pillowcases made of natural silk

Silk scrunchies reduce the risk of hair damage, so you will forget about pulled strands and split ends.

In turn, silk pillowcases will protect you from the tangles. With them, the curls will always be smooth and shiny!

Now you know everything about how to take care of your hairstyle. Follow these rules and you will always look irresistible!

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