An Unforgettable Camping Experience in Dubai

What once was just a stunning gold desert, is now filled with skyscrapers and iconic landmarks. The emirate has developed tremendously in the last couple of years, becoming a worth-visiting place. Even though Dubai is known for plenty of the tallest structures, the residents and all tourists want to taste the desert fun by exploring the dunes and camping under the sky full of stars.

Since the emirate attracts a lot of tourists and avid shoppers from all over the world, there are many activities and attractions available for them. One of the most popular ones is desert safari. Numerous companies offer different deals to cater to different visitors and their preferences There is morning, evening, and overnight deal. You may have heard about the things that you can do, but overnight? A night in the desert with a twinkling sky overhead, that surely is once in a lifetime experience.

The overnight Dubai Safari experience is certainly one-of-its-kind. Here’s what you can expect during this trip:

Overnight Desert Safari

You will be picked up from your home or designated spots (depending on your package). Then, you will get to enjoy riding in a 4×4 Land Cruiser through the bustling Dubai city. After reaching the campsite, prepare yourself for a dune drive. The drivers are exceptionally skilled and would surprise you with their amazing driving skills.

Activities Available

There are many activities that you can do at the overnight desert safari  such as camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, live performance shows, henna tattoo, a stay under the stars, bonfire, and there is also a light breakfast the following morning. If you are planning to try out the overnight desert safari, you should know that it shall take you to the heart of the desert. You would feel as if you have time-traveled back into time.

A Trip Down the Memory Line

You get to experience the desert life before Dubai became what it is now. Also, the fun doesn’t end there. There is a lot more! You can enjoy some spectacular dances while having a delicious continental buffet and drinks. The activity of lying out staring at the star-lit sky is a mesmerizing experience.

Desert Safari Experience

Here is how it all begins:

First of all, you start your adventure by exploring the Dubai Desert Reserve on a wild drive in one of the iconic 4×4 vehicles. You also get to spot wildlife such as camels, oryx, and Arabian gazelles on the way. Your assigned guide shall tell you about the brief history of the desert and all that used to happen here earlier.

You can enjoy the glorious sunset and take amazing pictures that you will always cherish. After the sun goes down, a stream of activities follows. There is a VIP BBQ dinner and a live show. You can enjoy belly dance, folk Egyptian Tanura dance, fire show, puppet show while satiating your appetite with some delightful food.

There are many cultural activities taking place as well such as camel rides, Arabic coffee, yola dance, henna painting, and application.

Once all the entertainment activities end and you have enjoyed your dinner, the staff from the overnight desert safari shall take you to your tents and give you sleeping bags. A bonfire is set up, you can enjoy drinks, water, tea, and coffee around it. You can also enjoy shisha – an Arab style smoke.

In the morning, at 7:00 am, you will wake up to the calm and quiet desert morning. A light but delicious breakfast shall be served to you in the morning. While you have your breakfast, the cars will be getting ready to take you back.

A Final Word

So, if the idea of spending the night in the Dubai desert and experiencing the fun activities while enjoying the gorgeous dunes and the plenty of activities there enthralls you, you ought to try out the overnight desert safari. Also, lying under the star-lit sky in the middle of a desert is an experience you will never forget.

It is surely a once in a lifetime experience. When the workload becomes too much and the hustle-bustle of the city begins to get to you, you can head to the desert for some quiet and calm – with a touch of fun. Overnight desert safari is a great way to unwind and spend some quality time with friends and family and experience the desert up close. This experience can also be enjoyed if you live in Abu Dhabi. Many companies offer Abu Dhabi desert safari offers. You can pick the one that suits your budget and requirements.