Best Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Growing

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If you are interested in growing cannabis indoors here are a few things you need to know about properties of cannabis seeds and which ones are the best for indoor growing conditions.

Critical feminized seeds

If you’re looking for ideal cannabis seeds for indoor growing, critical feminized seeds are some of the best ones you can find. They are justifiably the best on the market. Firstly, they are suitable for small spaces since they don’t grow to be larger than about 80 cm tall. So, to plant these cannabis seeds you do not need much space. Apart from that, it is very easy to grow the strain of these seeds and the yields are very big. Also, it does not take long for it to flower. If you prune it at the bottom, the buds will be growing at the top. If done that way, you can stack up to 16 plants per every meter square. In other words, you can end up growing around 500 grams per every meter square. So, it doesn’t take up much space but you end up getting a lot of product.

AK 47 auto flower

The next great choice is definitely the AK-47 auto flower. It is one of the absolute classics and it’s worth every penny. Even though it comes as the second on this list, it deserves to share the first place with critical feminized seeds. The genetics of these seeds is what truly makes them remarkable and great for indoor growing.  More precisely, the genetics of these seeds makes them grow significantly high levels of fungal resistance as well as very high yield. The yield of these seeds can grow to be as big as 675 grams per every meter square. Also, the genetics of these seeds makes the really easy and stable to be grown indoors. It’s almost impossible to fail at harvesting them.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

This group seems to be an especially popular group of cannabis seeds in Australia and they’re popular for a good reason. What this strain is mostly known for is its high level of THC. The properties this strain contains make it one of the best cannabis strains for indoor growing conditions. The only negative side of this type of cannabis seed is that it takes a bit longer to grow and start flowering. It usually takes about 10 or 12 weeks max. However, if the longer growing period is not something that bothers you, you should definitely try amnesia haze feminized seeds.

Also, this tiny disadvantage has its advantage too. Namely, because this strain takes longer to grow and start flowering, the yields can potentially reach even 650 grams per meter square. The taste and smell of what you get as the end result is simply irreplaceable. So, they are definitely worth the wait.

In addition to that, because of the longer period of flowering, the weed grows to be extremely strings and intensive. If that’s what you prefer, then this is a great choice for you. However, if you are sensitive to psychosis, you should look for milder options instead.

Northern Lights feminized seeds

One of the things that makes northern lights feminized seeds great for indoor growing is that they are easy to grow. The yields that you get from these seeds can reach up to 550 grams per meter square and it doesn’t take them that long to flower. They are called super seeds because it usually takes them just 7 weeks to flower. The taste is also pretty good and almost every cannabis lover will be able to appreciate it.

Power Plant feminized seeds

Lastly, even though it’s not common to find them on top lists, power plant feminized seeds are actually really great for indoor growing. These seeds have everything you need if you want to plant weed indoors. These seeds have short flowering period of about 8 weeks. They are highly resistant to mould and they are easy to grow. Plus, they reach a height of up to 90 cm and the yield is about 550 grams per m2.

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In conclusion, when growing cannabis indoors, you mostly want to look for seeds that can easily grow in indoor conditions. Ideally, you should pick the type of cannabis that doesn’t take up much space and is resistant to mould. These five are just some of the best ones you can find for indoor growing.