Best Ideas for Home Extensions Manchester 2021

Are you looking for ideas to transform your home and make it more functional and practical? Or are you just in need of adding more space to it because we all have been locked indoors a lot, since a year and the limited space can make one anxious! No matter what your need is, we have summed up some of the most trending ideas for home Extensions Manchester for this year. These ideas are blooming in the market and construction companies have been using them to add the extra space to several properties.

It is time to spur up your home and make it more spacious. But along with choosing the right design idea for your home, you need to make sure that you look for professional companies for home extensions Manchester too. The right construction team is very important to bring your imagination to life.


To make your extension count, you need to invest time in planning the right design and picking the right idea. Thus, we have summed some of the basics for you, right here. These will help you sort out the best ideas for your home extensions in Manchester.

Two Story Extension:

The best idea to look forward to, during extensions, is to build a two story (if you have the space and budget). This helps you attain maximum value for your money and adds a lot of value to your property too. And we cannot even dispute the functionality it adds to your home. You can create a separate room or studio for yourself in the upper story for you to rent it out, to earn a sustainable amount every month. There is so much that comes into one’s mind when considering a two story extension.

Contemporary Kitchen Extension:

Another great idea that is considered often whilst indulging in extensions, is that of a contemporary kitchen. There are eye-catching and very subtle designs for a contemporary kitchen which can make it the best ever extension that you wouldn’t have ever planned for. By hiring the right professional extensions Manchester team, you will be able to fit a contemporary kitchen design in a small budget too. There is a lot that can be spinned around to achieve the same outlook that you have been looking for.

Sunroom Extension:

Sunroom Extension:

Well, we personally love sunrooms and it is the best idea for a wonderful extension in Manchester. It is an expensive or other cost effective home extension idea and is loved by many. This area has large glazing spaces and an insulated roof and wall, to keep it a little cozy and not really hot. The space of a sunroom is quite open and the temperature is easily controllable in it too. Sunrooms really make a chic addition to one’s home and are worth the investment.

Outdoor Extension Ideas:

Covered spaces on the outer side of your house can be a very good extension idea. You can also opt for verandas. Due to the pandemic, people have been spending a lot of time indoors and it does get boring. It also kills creativity and makes one dull. Thus, sitting outside in a space that feels warm and welcoming, can be very refreshing. According to the Home Extension Cheadle experts, outdoor ideas for extensions are really amazing, especially in these times. They are perfect for sitting and enjoying the rain with a cup of tea or coffee. These spaces make it wonderful to sit outside and read or just have a warm cup of hot chocolate during the cold winter evenings. It adds the extra spark to your home and routine.


Investing in generating ideas for your home extension is really important. You don’t want to choose just any idea blindly. It is best to get help from expert extensions Manchester services as they will help you in analyzing space and come up with ideas accordingly. Also, you need to consider your budget before picking a style or idea for extension. Manchester Constructions can help you impeccably well in extending your space smartly whilst adding value to your property.