Best Thrillers to Watch On Netflix Right Now!

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Cheap subscription plans on platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video are changing the way we view and enjoy our entertainment content. Even the type of content is constantly changing as Netflix originals have begun to dominate our list of recommendations and must-watch. 

Affordable yet fast internet speeds provided by services like Metronet make subscriptions to streaming platforms a must-have. However, without a reliable fiber internet service, streaming is of no use. 

Thrillers and some creepy yet intriguing movies never go out of trend as we always want something unusual to watch. If you are wondering where to start to satisfy your thriller-cravings, here is a list of some of the best thrillers available on Netflix right now.  

Best Thrillers On Netflix

1. The gift – Best psycho-thriller

IMDb: 7/10 

Year: 2015 

Released in 2015, The Gift set a high benchmark as it gave chills to its viewers with its edgy nature. The movie is 1 hour and 48 minutes long, and every second of it will keep you on your toes. It revolves around a married couple who meet one of their acquaintances, who soon begins to creep them out with uninvited visits and intimidating gifts. 

The acquaintance and his strange behaviors make the married couple doubt their relationship and lets them to wonder whether they know each other enough. It is surely not a film you should watch alone, but definitely the kind you should watch as a couple or a spooky sleepover night with friends. 

2. Bird box – Best thriller sci-fi

IMDb: 6.6/10

Year:  2018

Bird Box perhaps is the most intriguing yet freakishly relatable move you can watch to entertain yourself during the pandemic. It stars Sarah Paulson and Trevante Rhodes as leads. The movie shows the two actors as the only people who have somehow survived against a strange force that kills you when you see it. It is a rocky journey of a woman with her children, completing a trip to a sanctuary entirely blindfolded and only relying on a pair of birds to guide them. 

One of the many highlights of this movie is Sandra Bullock and her excellent performance. She plays a strong character and comes on screen with a very different role than we are used to seeing her in. 

3. The invitation – Best horror

IMDb: 6.6/10

Year: 2015 

The name of this movie is itself quite spooky. It has had several wins and nominations. the name of the movie is a play of words done on the plot, where Logan Marshall Green playing Will gets a strange invitation from his ex-wife to a get-together at her home with her new boyfriend. The movie takes us through series of unsettling events and lots of secrets unfold as we see the hosts of the party bring forward their sinister behaviors. The best part is that even though the movie is horror, it does not have many disturbingly scary scene until the last half of the movie with a very few scenes here and there. Therefore, it is the perfect pick to watch alone, or with a few others around you if you are not that strong hearted.  

4. The paramedic – Best Spanish Thriller

IMDb: 5.6/10

Year:  2020

The paramedic’s originally tile is in Spanish, “El Practicante”. It stars Mario Casas as Angel, and Déborah François as his girlfriend Vane. The movie revolves around Mario getting into a really bad accident, and his life becomes hell as he is confided to a wheelchair and has become entirely dependent. 

His worsening condition unfolds many ugly truths about his relationship, and he starts to develop an obsession with the betrayal he faces. There are many twists and turns in the movie. We would like to mention here though that the movie is a lot more violent than other thrillers on this list. So if you are not into violent thrillers, this movie might not be the best idea. 

5. House at the End of the Street – best suspenseful thriller

IMDb: 5.6/10

Year: 2012

Let’s be honest, older movies from early 2010’s were actually really very nice. They felt  more original and well-thought than the content we see today. It is probably because back then we were not so immune to such horrifying scenes, and couldn’t predict very easily what would happen next. 

Let’s go back a little to a 2012 movie, House At The End Of The Street. It features the Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence as the main lead playing the role of Elissa, with Max Thieriot playing Ryan. A teenager Elissa moves to a small town in a small house, which saw a huge accident in the past and had only one survivor. The house has a tragic murder story attached to it, as narrated by the neighbors, who say that there have been no traces of the murderer ever since. 

It is an interesting insight to a struggling teenager’s life with her newly divorced parents and a strange friendship with the lone survivor of the murder story. 

6. The Autopsy Of Jane Doe – Best supernatural thriller 

You feel tension rising as the movie progresses. You will witness a lot of disturbing things unravel about Jane Doe. It includes a pair of a father and son, who do an autopsy on a strange woman, who died of an unknown reason. 

They try their best to figure out the reason for her death and several injures on her body that seem to be extremely mysterious. As they move on with the autopsy, strange supernatural things start happening. You can’t help but keep  looking at the screen full of creepy and rather graphic visuals – the details are just too attention grabbing.

The movie stars Olwen Kelly as Jane doe, Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox as the son-and-father team who do the autopsy. Even though the movie was initially released in Russia, it is available in English language. It is known for its exceptionally well-written screenplay. 

IMDb: 6.8/10

Year: 2016


Finally, you have a bunch of excellent thrillers to watch. Make sure to get your comfy blankets and lock the doors and windows so you don’t let paranoia hit you hard! 

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