Top 4 Apps to Become a Better English Writer

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When it comes to business or professional content, how you write is who people think you are. If your write-up consists of lousy grammar, unattractive vocabulary, or dress-up with a five-cent idea in a five-dollar work, people will think you are a mediocre writer or not one-at-all.

Let’s face it; not everybody is naturally gifted with the ability to write.

Some excellent (free) writing tools will immediately boost your skills if you need a little extra support in the writing department. I am not saying you don’t know how to write English is one of the biggest problems. What I am saying is that writing at a professional level needs some expertise. There is a lot to learn to create perfect write-ups. One of the biggest enemies of a writer is Plagiarism. If you do not write unique content, you will never be successful as a writer in your profession. Only copying someone else’s content is not called Plagiarism. There are many various forms of Plagiarism that can harm your content.

Millions of writers provide freelance services around the world, earning more than a 9 to 5 job just because of their writing capabilities.

Sometimes, when you lack talent, these four apps can help you fulfill the requirements.

Top 4 Apps for Better Writing

These apps are carefully handpicked after running tests and detailed analysis. Check out the findings of these tests and the reasons why they are in the top 4 list.

# 1: Hemingway

Want to write like Hemingway, with solid, concise sentences? You sure can. Hemingway is world-famous for good reasons. It is easy-to-use and understands. You can use this app on the web or download it on your desktop to check your writing by removing unnecessary adverbs and passive language.

By highlighting possible edits, the free Hemingway application “makes your writing bold and simple.” Different colors will help you find sentences that are too lengthy or complicated, repetitive terms, unnecessary adverbs, and areas that you’re misusing passive voice. You can simplify your thoughts to their shortest form by writing in the Hemingway app.

Features Include:

  • Free to use for a lifetime
  • Web-based online application
  • It can be integrated with WordPress, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word
  • Provide suggestion based on the SEO established guidelines to improve writing
  • Suggest vocabulary at an extent level
  • Grading feature available

# 2: Airstory

Airstory is a story planning platform for authors who choose to use a convenient drag-and-drop interface to prepare their stories. You can build sortable, taggable cards in Airstory, which you can then arrange and drop into an overview with headings, subheadings, and more.

This resource removes the need for hundreds of notebooks for people trying to schedule and arrange material and makes the process tidy, smoother, and easier to manage. This platform is still free to use in its early days for those who were granted early access.

Features Include:

  • Check errors for Grammar, Spelling, and Sentence Structure
  • Available on Mobile Apps
  • Suggest vocabulary
  • Detailed reporting feature

# 3: Grammarly

Grammarly is the king of all other English editing, proofreading and plagiarism tools. One of the best functionality, ease-of-use, and list of features. Grammarly comes in all forms. You can use it as an online web-based application, download its app on your desktop or mobile (Android & iOS), or you can install its extensions for browsers and other platforms.

This writing tool can be used both in Outlook and Microsoft Word, and it is sort of like watching your English instructor stand over your shoulder to propose changes and corrections to enhance your writing. This is a beautiful guide for identifying basic grammatical mistakes and getting tips for better vocabulary replacement.

Features include:

  • Detection of 250+ grammatical errors
  • Plagiarism proofing
  • Contextual spell-check
  • Word choice suggestions
  • Mobile Apps available
  • Best extension for all kind of platforms

A standard version is free of charge, but premium options begin at $29.95 per month.

# 4: OneLook Reverse Dictionary

The free OneLook Reverse Dictionary comes in handy when you have a phrase on the tip of your tongue but can’t seem to think of what it says. When you type a term into the search bar, it returns a list of terms and phrases that fit your search.

You can use this tool to:

  • Find words for which you only know the definition
  • Answer basic questions
  • Generate lists of words in a category
  • Explore similar concepts

You’ll never spend another minute wondering, “What is the term for that?”

Write with Confidence

If you are a professional writer or working on your college thesis, it would make you come out as an amateur writer if you leave your work full of errors. Some mistakes can be negligible, but if a writer has dozens of small mistakes like missing punctuation, improper use of tense, spelling mistake, wrong use of the adjective, lack of vocabulary, etc. These minor errors can make you lose your job or fail your thesis. Would you want this to happen with you?

You can develop your writing rapidly using these top 4 suggested tools (as long as you are open to suggestions). Don’t be afraid of the blank page. Begin writing more smartly. Make your writing more attractive and error-free to impress your readers: blog visitors, thesis instructors, or your organization CEO.

Our motto is “Write to impress.”