Branch Out With a Business Venture in Forestry Mulching: Essential Mulching Equipment and Tips

Some of the most advanced mulching equipment can mulch trees of up to 30 inches in diameter. Average tree mulching equipment is only rated to handle trees between 6 and 8 inches in diameter.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur in the field of forestry and land management, you need to learn all you can about land mulching equipment.

Forestry mulching equipment is powerful stuff that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. If you operate it the right way, however, it can help you make your land productive while you become rich in the process. Learn more here!

What Is Mulch?

Mulch is generally ground-up organic material made up of bits of trees, bark, pine needles, or leaf litter. It plays a major role in landscaping and gardening.

It does not cost much, but with the right mulch manufacturing equipment, you can produce a lot of it. The mulch business is a potentially lucrative one if you know how to navigate it the right way.

Types of Mulching Equipment

There are tons of different types of mulching equipment to consider. Large-scale operations may require industrial mulching equipment. For smaller projects, simpler equipment may do the trick.


These are the least advanced forms of mulching equipment. These pieces of equipment need to be hand-fed by operators or a team. They are slow going and require a lot of brute human strength to operate.

Masticator Also Known as Mulchers or Brushcutters

These three names all pertain to the same piece of heavy equipment. A masticator/mulcher/brushcutter most often makes its appearance as a removable head for an excavator. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

Industrial Grade Mulcher

This is similar to a mulcher/masticator/brushcutter except it is much larger. This allows it to mulch much larger trees and also have a higher production output.

How to Start a Mulching Business

The endgame of your mulching business should be to turn a profit by producing mulch. To find the best equipment for your operation, check this home page. How you run your business is up to you but you should consider the following.

Salvage Old Logging Units or Burn Scars

Burn scars, defunct logging units full of slash, and other “waste-wood” areas are a gold mine for mulch. If you can get a contract for one of these sites you have found your source of revenue for next to nothing.

Wildfire Suppression and Prevention

There is a huge demand for mulchers on wildland fires. If you contract out your equipment during fire season, you can make tons of money and still use it to mulch during the offseason.

Get Mulching

The only way you can know if you have what it takes to run a mulching company is to start one up and give it a try. To do this you will need some top-quality mulching equipment.

Use this guide as a framework for your operation. The tips in it can help you find equipment and get an idea of what to do with your new business. If this article helped you out your life, check out others like it on our page.