Contact Lens Tips for Winter

Outdoor winter weather is cold and dry while the indoor climate-controlled environment is warm but dry. Both of these conditions can have an impact on your eyes, especially if you wear contacts. Many have to deal with dry, irritated, or reddened eyes during this season, especially if they’re prone to allergies. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid such a situation by simply changing your eye and lens care routine.

Consult with a Doctor

 If you already have dry or sensitive eyes, consult with an optometrist to find solutions that can help. They may prescribe hydrating drops, recommend changing the lens type, or look for underlying conditions that may cause problems. Some contacts are specifically designed for people with sensitivity. For example, a few kinds of proclear and Acuvue contact lenses retain a lot of water and remain moist for an entire day.

Maintain Moisture

 Make sure the contacts remain moist during lens wear. If you experience any issues, remove the lenses and wear glasses for a while. While this is cumbersome, wearing dry contacts for an extended period can cause more irritation and even lead to headaches or eye strain. Switch to daily or short-term instead of monthly or long-term products because they retain moisture better.

You can find more information on websites that sell contacts online. They will mention factors like moisture content, wear times, lens materials, etc., which makes it easier to find something that can handle winter conditions.

Protect Your Eyes

 Don’t skip sunglasses just because it is winter and the outdoors aren’t sunny. Glasses will protect the eyes from dry winds, sun’s UV rays, and even cold weather. Perform eye exercises while indoors as that can help with moisture levels. That’s especially useful if you’re staring at a computer or phone screens for an extended time.

Some people wear protective non-prescription glasses with anti-glare or blue-light blocking films over their lenses to minimise the issue. Stores that sell contact lenses online will also provide these protective glasses.

Limit Screen Time

 Staring at a phone or computer screen can cause dryness. We don’t blink or rest our eyes as often when we’re focused on a screen. Limit the time you spend on these devices or take frequent breaks in between to reduce eye strain. No amount of protection or exercises will help if you don’t step away from the device at a regular interval.

Drink A Lot of Water

 It is easy to ignore hydration during cold or wet weather, but you need to maintain proper levels of hydration regardless of the season. Drink water at regular intervals, especially after consuming salty snacks that can dehydrate a person quickly. It helps to set reminders on your phone or computer for this purpose because people often forget if they’re too busy working. Drinking water regularly will help keep your eyes moist, which can improve the lens-wearing experience.

Invest in a good quality product to ensure you don’t face many issues during winter. High-moisture content Acuvue contact lenses offer a better experience, especially if you choose daily or bi-weekly disposable lenses.


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