Custom Sportswear Manufacturer for Any Quantity & Style

Are you looking to create sportswear but aren’t able to produce enough?

We will help you create your brand of activewear!

The Sportswear Production Package was created to meet the demands of small and startup companies that are looking to create their own activewear ranges. We can provide you with the support that you require to begin with the production of clothing from concept to production in mass. Making your own sportswear range is not so difficult as it appears when you partner in partnership with one of top manufacturers of sportswear.

The process of making sportswear may seem daunting at beginning due to the many different aspects including fabrics, sizes cuts, and accessories offer a variety of possibilities to select from. As your sports apparel manufacturing firm will help you determine the right specifications. With regular and new designs, you will save money and are able to focus on the factors that matter to you. Be prepared for problems from the start when you begin your line of activewear by working with us, a reputable manufacturing company for sportswear.

Why Our Sportswear Production Package?

Flexibility and cost savings for your customized activewear designs!

There is no need to be knowledgeable regarding the specifics of the garment manufacturing process that a lot of newcomers are worried over the biggest. We can provide the assistance you require. Just send us sketches basic design documents or even a list of products you are looking for. As your sporting fitness apparel manufacturer We will guide you through everything from production to design. Material of fitness apparel is cationic polyester.

. It is not necessary to explore how to locate an individual manufacturer of custom sportswear, because we offer small quantities of orders and collaborate with a variety of manufacturers of sportswear. We can assist customers regardless of size!

1. Develop a Concept

If you’re planning to create athleisure and athletic, workout or fitness clothes It is essential to understand the design. Send us any hand sketch or mockup that we could make use of to establish an understanding of. We will go over the entire process with you prior to submitting the wholesale and sample order.

2. Create a Tech Pack

Then, we design documents that include high-quality drawings, fabrics dimensions, and color. This kind of document is known as tech pack. It is the description and style file for your customized sportswear. It is compliant with all applicable guidelines and can be utilized by any sports apparel provider.

3. Get a Cut Sheet

It is crucial to identify the relevant dimensions in terms of the length, width and shape. Furthermore, these dimensions must to be adjusted to the various sizes you would like to offer your activewear. Sizing charts are needed to ensure the private label sporting apparel companies are able cut and stitch.

4. Take a taste!

Experience your sporty clothing in the real world in the beginning! We will send you the opportunity to try a sample for free after you have completed the design process by working with Us! We can also provide you with a comprehensive Swatch books when required. Try your ideas and verify all the aspects to ensure that modifications can be considered prior to production!

5. Make the Product

After you have approved the custom design and are ready to proceed, we begin manufacturing in mass quantities by linking your design into the production line of our factory for sportswear. Be assured that the production is going smoothly and everything is as you expected.

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