How much do you get for gift cards in Nigeria?

After birthdays other gift-giving periods, it’s common to receive a few too many unwanted gift cards that you may not wish to use in the near future. This can be a disappointment and it’s sad to let such a valuable gift go to waste, but you needn’t fret for much longer as there’s a super simple solution. You can trade your gift cards in return for a cash payment online! It’s so quick and easy to get rid of your gift cards through the internet, and you’ll be credited instantly so that you can use your cash immediately after your exchange takes place. If you’re stockpiling any kind of vouchers from big brands such as Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, or Google Play, you could be in for a real treat with GC Buying gift card purchase service.

Releasing the money wish is trapped on a gift card still leaves you with the opportunity to spend that money in the store from which the gift card came, but you can have the added bonus of also being able to cash in your money anywhere else that you may want or need to visit. If you’ve been presented with a gift card for a store that you do not particularly like or rarely visit, rather than attempting to use or regift the card, you can simply get the money back instead. Gift cards can be difficult to use in rural areas, and even at certain times of the year when stocks are low, so make the most of your gift card and get a real-money return instead. It can be so much better to choose to sell it online so that you can be the one that picks where you spend your cash to ensure you’re happy with your purchases rather than regretting them. Many gift cards have expiry dates that offer a cut-off period that stops you from using the gift card after a certain time, so there’s no time like the present to sell your gift cards before it’s too late!

Here at GC Buying, we can offer the most respectable rates against your gift cards. You won’t be able to source better rates anywhere else, so take some time to explore the many different cards that we buy. You can sign up to become a seller instantly, and you’ll no doubt receive a great offer at a seriously good price!

GC Buying maintains a quality calculator platform that allows you to figure out your exact return, based upon the source of your gift card and its current value. No two gift cards are the same, so you may expect these prices to go up and down when selling gift cards from different stores, timeframes, and values. Using the calculator platform needn’t be difficult, as you need nothing more than two pieces of basic information (your gift card type and the amount of money it holds).

The rate at which GC Buying will purchase your gift cards will be calculated and subsequently displayed to allow you to make the right decision.