How to Create a Website – Beginner’s Guide

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This tutorial shows you how to create a website. It is intended for beginners and the uninitiated alike, you will learn the whole process step by step from the start. It does not ask you for any pre-requisites (except that you know how to navigate the Internet). Visit this agence web Montreal to get a good website design for your local business.

Obtain a domain name

The first thing you need to do before anything else is get yourself a domain name. A domain name is the name you want to give to your website. For example, the domain name of the site you are reading is “creation-site-web.com”. To obtain a domain name, you must pay an annual fee to a registrar for the right to use that name. Getting a name doesn’t get you a site. It’s just a name. It’s a bit like registering a business name, having a trade name doesn’t mean you also have premises.

After reading this, you will need to know the steps to register a domain name and the things you will need when registering. You can find a detailed guide in the article  How to choose and create my domain name? 

It may also be a good idea to take a look at some of the  important precautions to take when buying a domain name  , just so that you don’t make the same mistakes that some newcomers do when buying a domain name. ‘a domain name.

Choose a web host and open an account

A web host is basically a business that has many computers connected to the Internet. When you place your web pages on their computers, anyone will be able to connect to them and view them. If getting a domain name is analogous to getting a business name, getting web hosting is analogous to leasing office space or a store for your business.

There are many questions to consider in finding a good web host. Find out about your priorities for security, disk space, etc., and you can read the article  How to choose a web host  .

It is better to take your domain name and your host from the same regitrar. Otherwise, you will have to bind to each other by configuring the DNS in the right way.

Web page design

Once you have acquired your domain name and web hosting, the next step is to design the website itself. In this article, I’m going to assume that you want to do it yourself. If you hire a web designer to do this, you can skip this step because that person will process it on your behalf. I offer my web design services, do not hesitate to contact me  for that.

Websites of all sorts and sizes face crashes and attacks. So regardless if you have a plain site, or one full of sticky elementsredirects, etc., you have to be well-protected. Thankfully, tools like Emergency Recovery Script exist. ERS will give you admin access and restore your site in minutes for free. And since it’s independent of WordPress, it’s also effective in any situation.

While there are many things to consider in web designing, for a beginner the first step is actually to get something on the web. The finer tuning can come once you understand how to upload a basic web page to your site. One method is to use a WYSIWYG Web (“What You See Is What You Get”) editor to do. These editors allow you to design your site visually, without having to worry about the technical details. They work like a regular word processor, and there are many commercial and free website editors out there today. One of the most famous is  Dreamweaver  . If you plan to use this editor, you can view this siteIf you prefer to use free software, you can find a full tutorial on using Nvu, a free WYSIWYG web editor, in the article  How to design and publish your website with Nvu  . This one walks you through the process of creating a site. There are many other design software out there. If you prefer not to use any of the above, you can find others on commentcamarche.net .

You have followed my tutorial and you are on your way to designing your website. You might want to read the article on web layout , the one on web design , and the one on content writing .

If you need to create a website for your business, you can use a free social media marketing app, such as Picrew Nudekay.

Test your website

Although I am only talking about this step now, it needs to be done throughout your web design cycle. I have listed it separately to give it a little more importance, as too few new webmasters really do this step adequately.

You will need to test your web pages in the major browsers: the latest versions of Internet Explorer (version 9 at the time of this writing),  Firefox  ,  Opera  ,  Safari  and  Chrome  . All of these browsers can be obtained for free. Testing your site directly in all of these browsers is the only way you will find it working.

Optional:  If you have time, you can use the Internet Explorer Collection  and check your site under the older versions of Internet Explorer (“IE”), namely IE 8, IE 7, and IE 6. This is not strictly necessary nowadays, since the main culprit causing website problems, IE 6, is slowly disappearing from the Internet, and IE7 in turn is disappearing


Of course, the above guide is not exhaustive. It is a summary of some of the essential steps to get your site up and running. If you want more information, you can read the other articles in the website design tips category .