How To Overcome The Wrinkle?

Wrinkles have become one of the major skin problems not only for the aged people but also for the young people. A slight line or fold in something like the face, neck, back of the hand, especially skin of the face, is called wrinkle.

Which skin of a body is getting sunlight directly most, is supposed to be wrinkled soon. Face, neck, back of the hand, and top of the forearms mostly get the sun exposure. The wrinkle is a natural part of aged people and it can affect everybody. 

Nobody likes to get wrinkles on their skin because it disappears the beauty and presents an old face. People are doing surgery like Botox Montreal, home remedy, or using some creams to avoid face wrinkles, these procedures may work magically to save you from wrinkles.

Causes of wrinkle

Getting wrinkles is natural to all of the human skin which causes in many ways though aged people are highly sufferers of this problem. As people get older their skin becomes thinner, drier, and loses elasticity. That’s why it won’t be able to protect itself from damage and this is how wrinkles occur. 

Nowadays, young people are also facing line problems like wrinkles. These occur from facial expression. Well, here are also some other reasons for wrinkles like smoking, dehydration, medications, environment and most important is genetic. 

Logical reason of wrinkle

Ultraviolet (UV) light is very harmful to our skin if we take it directly and it comes with sunlight. UV light damages the collagen and elastin fiber in the skin so that at a time you will lose your beauty with wrinkles. Because this fiber keeps an eye out of your skin. So, if it loses its elastin or breaks down your skin will lose strength and become weaker, and have no flexibility anymore. 

If you are dark-skinned, you have good news, UV lights won’t be able to harm your skin much like white people. Dark skin has melanin and protection power to fight some harmful effects of UV light. 

Smoking reduces the blood supply to the skin and for less blood circulation your skin might face wrinkles sooner. Alcohol is also a reason for wrinkles because it dehydrates the skin. Dehydration makes the skin dry and dryness occurs wrinkles. 

What to do

If you are getting older and don’t want to face wrinkles soon then you can follow these rules that are mentioned below. 

  1. Apply creams: Since sunlight is one of the reasons for wrinkles, so you must protect your skin from direct sunlight. You can apply sun protection cream and lotion to your skin so that UV lights won’t affect your skin. Also, you need to moisturize your skin regularly to not dehydrate. Moisturiser kills the dryness of your skin and makes it more hydrated.
  2. Cloth Selection: You need to use a full sleeve, hat, sunglasses to protect your skin from sunlight. Sunlight won’t be able to reach your skin if you cover up your skin. 
  3. Avoid Intoxication: Intoxication like smoking, taking alcohol, and so on is harmful to your skin. So, you must avoid intoxication of smoke and alcohol to not face wrinkles soon. 
  4. Healthy Eating: Fruit and vegetables help to hydrate your skin which is very important to not see the wrinkle soon in your skin. Also, you need to avoid surgery items cause these make your skin more aged and wrinkles will come up fast. 
  5. Water splash on your face: You need to wash your face twice or more a day. Your face needs water, drinking water helps but as well as you need to wash your face regularly to complete your skin’s needs. Wearing a hat or helmet can increase sweating. Sweat is not good for your skin because it damages your skin so that you must wash your face as soon as possible after sweating.


If you are already facing a wrinkle problem then you must do some medication or surgery to overcome wrinkles. Here, we are gonna explain some treatment to remove wrinkles.

  1. Medication: Vitamin A increases collagen production in the skin to reduce fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and skin roughness. A wrinkle cream contains Vitamin A, and an active ingredient varies in type and concentration. 
  2. Dermabrasion: It is a surgical procedure to remove wrinkles, moles, scars, and so on. Due to this procedure, you may face some problems like irritation, scabbing, swelling, and changed skin color which may stay 1 or 2 weeks. It won’t give you the desired look in 2 months. 
  3. Botox: Botox is a treatment that blocks the chemical signals to muscles to contract. Doctors do this treatment under some conditions. Injecting a small dose of botox in the targeted muscles to remove wrinkles works so well. 
  4. Plastic Surgery: to get a permanent result in removing wrinkles most people are doing plastic surgery. If you are about to do plastic surgery you must consult with a doctor about your skin type, first. 

The results may depend on how deep your wrinkles are. 


For aged people, wrinkles are normal to them. It starts with a fine line and then lines become deeper and then skin loses its elasticity and wrinkle occurs. Removing wrinkles for a better facial appearance isn’t a bad idea at all. You can try any of them for the betterment and must follow the to-do list to save your skin from wrinkling at an earlier age.