How to Say Black in 10 Different Languages

If you want to say black in some different ways, we have mentioned black in different languages in this article. Phlegein is the Greek word for black, while flagrare is the Latin. To reach its modern form, the word took Proto-Germanic, the mother tongue of the English.

In the first millennium BCE, these tribes lived in Europe. Their term was Blak-. Originally, the word was blaic, which became associated directy with the color due to the Anglo-Saxons. Additionally, they were also using the word blac as a synonym for white.

In the process of trying to determine whether the writer was describing something that was black or white, translators often find themselves scratching their heads.

Throughout history, black has been used verbally. For instance, a text from the 16th century describes the paper as “blacked by smoke.” English people around this time started using it as a noun to refer to professional mourners or people with dark skin.

According to the Old English language, ‘blaec’ refers to the colour of matter that is colourless. Its latin root, ‘blac’, signifies its origin. In addition to ‘blac,’ other cognates include: blah, blah, blah, blanc. Several Old English literature works include examples of “blac” used as a modifier for blond or fair.

There are many ways to say black in different languages. For reference, we have mentioned in 10 different languages.

How to say black in 10 other languages

Black in Albanian

The word used for black in Albanian language is “e zezë” it sounds like “ay zai za”

Black in Czech

The Czech word “beltza” is used for Black.

Black in Dutch

The Dutch people use a word “zwart” for black, which sounds like “swaarth”

Black in Greek

The way to say black is different. It is a difficult word in writing but not in speking. The word “μαύρος” means black in Greek which sounds like “mávros”

Black in Hungarian

“Fekete” is a word which Hungarian people use for black.

Black in Italian

The word “near” is used for black for feminine and “nero” is used for black in masculine in Italnian language.

Black in Russian

The word black in Russian is expressed as “чернить” whick sounds like “chernit”

Black in Bangla

The Bangla word for black is “কালো” which sounds like “Kalo”

Black in Korean

Korean, one of the hardest language to learn. The word used for black in Korean is “검은 색” It sounds like “geom-eun saeg”

Black in Arabic

The Arabic word “أسود” means black and it sounds like “aswad”

Black history month is observed because it is important that such stories are given special attention due to racism and the teaching of history based on a white-dominated perspective. Since its inception in the US, Black History Month has focused on the role that Black people have played in US history.

Canada and the UK also celebrate this day, with a focus on the role of Black people in their respective histories.

DARE is interested in celebrating and recognizing the dialectal as well as the standard contributions of Black speakers to American English.  Those are just a few words from the rich and varied vocabulary spoken by African-American English speakers originally or primarily, as documented by DARE (29 words per day for Black History Month 2016).

Even though these are stale as a piccolo joint, they just might make you throw up. You might cry. No matter what, we hope you enjoy discovering new words you will love or hoping to keep old favorites alive by using them at your next set. In addition, if you have anything to add or if you use these words today, DARE would love to hear from you.