How to Work with a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Healthcare staffing agencies are a boon to many medical facilities. They help the institutions find the right practitioners they need, whether in a temporary or permanent position. The staffing agencies make the healthcare facilities’ work easier because they filter the candidates, choosing the best talent to fill different positions in various healthcare facilities and institutions. They make the hiring process easier, and they help the facilities provide physicians and other medical services providers to fill the need, so they do not compromise patient care.

Advantages of working with a healthcare staffing agency

Given what healthcare staffing agencies do for the practitioners and facilities, physicians may consider working with a physician recruiter if they want a change of scenery, a new beginning or challenge, or a change of pace. They may find that working with a physician recruitment agency will be more beneficial to their personal and professional development. Here are some suggestions if you think the option will work for you.

1. Keep your mind open to the possibilities

One of the biggest advantages of working with a physician recruiter is knowing more job opportunities that you may not be aware of or considered previously. You should keep an open mind because the opportunities they present may be the ones you’ve been looking for. You may feel that some options regarding salary, schedule, and location may not be what you were expecting, but sometimes, your best option could be the one that does not meet all the parameters you have set. Sometimes you have to compromise, which may be more advantageous after all.

2. Know your physician recruiter

All doctors graduate with almost the same body of knowledge, which will be honed by their experiences over time, most probably through internship, residency, and fellowship. These experiences provide doctors with additional knowledge and skills they cannot get from books and help them focus on a particular area. The recruiter understands the needs of healthcare facilities and can place physicians from every specialty. You will have better placement results if you work with a recruiter that specializes in your area of expertise.

The recruiter will take time getting to know you by asking questions about your personal and professional background, your experiences, and career expectations. Similarly, know your recruiter better. Ask how many physicians with the same background as yours the recruiter has placed. Know the facilities and hospitals they have previously worked with. Establishing mutual understanding and transparency will make your partnership stronger.

3. Be serious about looking for a new job

You should be serious about pursuing a new job when you’re working with a physician recruiter. It is tempting to look at every available opportunity, but understand that the recruiter treats you seriously, and they will be spending time and effort to find the right match for you. They will spend considerable time creating a submission package for every position they find that matches your professional level and expertise. You can quickly gain a bad reputation among hiring agencies. You can always ask about the current state of the job market and let them know if you are only looking for information and not ready to change jobs.

If you are seriously looking for a new position, the physician recruiter is your best advocate. Forge a beneficial partnership with the recruiter so that you can achieve your new career goals.