Huawei Smart watch 2021

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Although the “Fresh” Kirin-710 SoC is already factory-made in the current 12-nm manufacture procedure, it is factory-made by TSMC in Taiwan. Until now, the Kirin bit has been planned by the HiSilicon division at Huawei and then manufactured by TSMC. Nevertheless, systematically to break the dependence on the USA, the Chinese makers are now willing to alter the slightly aged 14-nm process. Our test will show whether this motion can bring an achiever.


In all-day operation, the mono talker placed at the bottom-most of the device produces a top maximal volume of 91 dB. As anticipated, the sound array is controlled by sounds in the middle and top-frequency scope, and even berth mids are difficult to reproduce.

While the 3.5-mm audio port licenses a more bass-dense sound reproduction, the sound level is slightly marked at an SNR value of 75. Those who choose a wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.1 should note that neither the LDAC nor the aptX or aptX HD codecs are based on.

Huawei smartphone with SuperCharge

The battery of the P Smart 2021 offers a capability of 5000 mAh. It can be wholly recharged in about 90 minutes at up to 22.5 watts.

Battery Life

Under practical situations in our WLAN test, the Huawei smart phone achieves a coagulated battery life. Nevertheless, lasting more than 5 hours lasting with the same-size 5000 mAh battery, the Redmi Note 9 Pro displays that much more is achievable with a battery of this capability.

Huawei smartphone without GMS

The P Smart 2021 is delivered with Android 10 as the operating system, which is arranged with the EMUI 10.1 surface. The safety speckle of our test part was last updated in August 2020.

Huawei P Smart 2021 with reducing heat energy


The subsurface temperatures scope at noncritical levels, and even lower load, the above-ground never becomes unsatisfied hot. Nevertheless, what is more, interesting is the warmth improvement inside the P Smart 2021.

To measure the heat energy improvement under constant load, we use the battery test of the GFXBench app. The Manhattan 3.1 test displayed that with accelerated load, the framing rate of the Kirin 710A only remains firm in Performance mode.

Huawei P Smart 2021 for gaming

While you can play few graphically demanding games such as “PUBG Mobile” softly and smoothly with the P Smart 2021, 30 fps are the bound. It is not possible to play the shooter game in great graphics settings. Due to the lack of Google Services, in any case, apps, few games such as “Asphalt 9 Legends” or “Dead Trigger 2” are also not based.

We also look at some less demanding games in more detail using the GameBench app. Here, the Mali-G51 MP4 can achieve a relatively even frame rate close to the native 60-Hz limit of the panel.
some about Huawei P Smart 2021

Huawei’s middle-scope smartphone offers few solid primary virtues such as great skills and a nice IPS panel as well as adequate battery life in combination with accelerated charging. But not more than that. Particularly the performance of the brand-new Kirin 710A is only too anaemic for a smartphone that costs 230 Euros suggested retail cost.

General, the P Smart 2021 is difficult to separate itself from the almighty challengers, and if it does, then just in a negative sense. Especially with a Poco X3 NFC or Redmi Note 9 Pro, purchasers will be offering significantly more smartphone capacities at a similar cost.

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