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While the vegan definition diet was defined at the time of The Vegan Society’s first meeting around 1944, it wasn’t as late as 1949 before Leslie J Cross pointed out that the group did not have an official definition of veganismHe suggested “[t]he concept of the liberation of animals from being exploited by humans“. It was later clarified that it was “to seek an end to the use of animals by man to provide food, goods hunt, visection, and for all other methods of exploitation animals for human consumption“.

The society was first officially registered as a nonprofit in August 1964, but their assets later were transferred to a new charity as it became limited liability company in December 1979. Definitions of Veganism as well as the charitable objects of the society were altered and refined through the yearsIn the winter of 1988, the current definition was in force – even though the definition has evolved somewhat over time.

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What are the foods that vegans consume?

wonderful deal – you’ll soon find a whole new world of exotic foods and tastes that are available to you. A iron rich foods vegan diet is richly diverse and comprises all kinds of fruits, veggies, grains, nuts in addition to seeds, beans, and pulses that can be cooked in endless combinations that will make sure you’re never bored. From curry to cake and pizzas to pastries all your favourite things can be suitable for a vegan diet as long as they’re made from plant-based productsCheck out our vegan recipe collection for ideas.

It’s not only about diet.

Vegans don’t exploit animals in any way and compassion is an important reason why many people choose to live a vegan life. From clothing and accessories to toiletries and makeup such as animal products, products and even products that are tested on animals are available everywhere, which is more than one would expectThere are now affordable and easily-sourced alternatives to almost everything. With over 55,000 products and services covered by our Vegan Trademark alone, living an ethical and vegan lifestyle has never been easierCheck out our online shop now.

Other aspects of living a vegan lifestyle


All medicines that is sold in the UK must be tested on animals before it can be declared safe for human use But please take note: The Vegan Society DOES NOT recommend you to avoid medications given to you by your doctor A dead vegan can’t help anyone! The best thing to do is request the GP or pharmacist provide you, if possible the medication that does include no animal ingredients, such like lactose or gelatineFor more information , visit the medicine website, which offers information on medications that are prescribed in the UK including lists of ingredients.

Medical charities

If you’re a charity that supports medical research, you might want to know whether your chosen charity conducts testing on animals. There are a variety of charities that do not currently conduct tests on animals and many vegans choose to donate to charities that actively seek alternative methods of testing.


Vegans are not averse to any form of animal cruelty and therefore avoid going to aquariums or zoos as well as participating in horse or dog racesOne option is to visit and supporting animal sanctuary centers that are safe and secure shelter for animals that have been rescued.

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