The Best Time to Plan a Trip to Rhode Island is Now

We have all been aching to get out of our houses ever since the start of the quarantine period, so you might as well prepare an itinerary for your trips for when you finally can. 

Rhode Island, for one, is rarely on anyone’s bucket list of places to go to, but if it is in yours, here are a few tips that can make your vacation more worth your while.

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Hotels near Adventureland

One of the best spots to head over to when you are in Rhode Island is the Adventureland Family Fun Park, which is hailed as a tourist favorite if they are traveling with their families. This is more than a day’s worth of fun and entertainment, so you might as well get a hotel near the park. 

The Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott and the Best Western Plus Altoona Inn are lodging options that are relatively close to the park. You can also opt for the Prairie Meadows Hotel or the La Quinta by Wyndham.

Pet-friendly Hotels in Rhode Island

If you carry your furry friend along for this trip, you do not have to worry since there are hotels that will allow your pet to join you inside the suite. 

A few of which include the La Quinta in Warwick, America’s Cup Inn in New Port, and the Residence Inn by Marriot in Newport. Always inform the desk upon your reservation if they allow pets inside to save you the hassle once you have arrived.

Rhode Island Beaches Map

Given that you will be on an island, you get to have 14 official beaches and resort establishments that offer relaxation amenities and recreational water activities. 

If you want to try surfing, Scarborough State Beach is a popular option, while Watchaug Beach is a great choice for long-distance swimmers.

International Travelers

Before traveling to the US for a vacation trip, you are legally required to acquire authorization in the form of an approved esta visa form, provided that you are an eligible foreign national from one of the countries that participate in the VWP or the Visa Waiver Program. 

With an approved ESTA visa, you will be allowed to travel to and stay in the United States for business or tourism purposes for only 90 days. However, any extension of your stay beyond the 90 days will require an approved VISA.

When it comes to the documents required for the ESTA application, you will be required to submit accurate personal information as well as supporting documents. Be sure to double-check the information you will be submitting to avoid any processing delays.

  • Passport – this must come from an origin country that is part of the VISA Waiver Program
  • Permanent Home Address
  • Personal phone / contact number
  • Valid and business email address
  • Emergency contact details

Upon the submission of these documents and data, you will have to pay an application fee, which can be paid through a variety of payment methods, depending on which is convenient for you. They include MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and PayPal.

US Customs and Border Protection is in charge of the esta usa check, and without any further inquiries regarding the information submitted in the application, your ESTA can easily be approved, with the status “authorization approved”. 

This process can take as quick as a few minutes to an hour but can extend up to 72 hours or 3 days, depending on the processing schedules. Having American citizenship may also expedite the processing of your ESTA.  

What is important is for you to have your ESTA authorized before getting on the plane to the US.

Indoor Playgrounds in Rhode Island

Rhode Island truly is a great place to spend your family vacations because of the numerous indoor playgrounds you can take the children to. A few of these are the Kidz Kastle and the Impossible Dream in Warwick. 

Providence also has a few that stand out, and these include Fantasyland and Play Date, while adults can enjoy recreation and climbing parks like the Sky Zone.

Providence Nightlife

Aside from being child- and pet-friendly, Rhode Island has a lot to offer when the sun sets, especially when you are in Providence. From quiet lounges with soothing music to clubs where you can dance and party, there is surely a place for you.

Night Clubs in Rhode Island

You can head over to the Colosseum, the Greco – roman themed mega club that is famous on the island for a good party, or you can opt for a lounging night at the LIT Lounge Night Club. Rhode Island has a lot of dance clubs, especially in Providence, and you might even be lucky and catch some up and coming bands doing some live shows.

We hope this overview gives you an idea of what you can look forward to and prepare for your trip to Rhode Island. You have got at most 90 days before that ESTA authorization expires so make the most out of it with your family for the summer. Enjoy your vacation.