Things to Know about Wedding Bands Made from Alternative Metals

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Alternative metals are fast gaining traction in the jewelry industry. Industrial metals like tungsten carbide, ceramic, titanium, cobalt, and even stainless steel are increasingly used for making innovative jewelry in unique designs. Precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium are still in vogue in the jewelry world. However, alternative metals have been gaining phenomenal popularity in the jewelry-making business. The price of jewelry made of precious metals continues to rise, making precious metals less affordable as compared to alternative metal jewelry that comes at truly affordable prices. According to GIA Education, today, collectively alternative metals seem to have become a super-hit in the arena of men’s wedding bands.

What Are Alternative Metals?

An alternative metal implies anything that doesn’t belong to the category of precious metals. You may come across a broad spectrum of alternative metals in the market today that not only have industrial applications but are also used in the jewelry world. Alternative metals are especially popular for creating unique and innovative men’s wedding bands. Some of the most popular and hit alternative metals are tungsten, cobalt, titanium, and stainless steel, etc.

Reasons to Opt for Alternative Metal Wedding Bands

Affordable: The alternative metal wedding bands are reasonably priced. You can buy them without burning a hole in your pocket. Precious metal wedding rings are exorbitantly priced, and the price is constantly on the rise ever since 2008.

Choice of the New Generation: Younger couples do not like the idea of buying stereotypical traditional precious metal wedding bands for men. Often they find the super-sheen or the high polish of precious metal wedding bands to be brash and too loud. They are always in the quest for something new and unconventional or, less conventional wedding bands. You can have easy access to an impressive collection of alternative metal wedding bands for men at EpicWeddingBands.


Several alternative metals are known for their robustness and strong resistance to scratching. Alternative metal bands will stay unaffected and undamaged despite banging against something by mistake or rough handling. People with manual dexterity or in specific trades like construction workers, mechanics, and some other positions may opt for truly robust and strong alternative wedding bands for boosting longevity.

Gift of Trendiness: The concept of using alternative metals for making jewelry could prove to be pretty trendy. With these alternative metals, you may come up with trendy designs and innovative jewelry ideas. Cool and trendy people prefer to wear something novel and different from the rest to stay ahead of the curve.

The versatility of Style: As alternative metals are becoming more and more popular, jewelers and designers are becoming more creative with designs, ideas, and styles. You may buy an alternative metal wedding band resembling a precious metal ring. It gives you a couple of similar options to buy and wear according to your plans and activities for the day. You could use your alternative metal wedding ring when you have an active and busy day ahead. They are robust and strong enough to withstand some rough handling. You may consider saving your precious metal wedding bands only for special events or occasions. They should be worn sparingly as they are delicate and may get damaged due to constant use and rough handling.


It is a good idea to opt for alternative metal wedding bands as they are supposed to be lightweight. Several alternative metals are relatively lighter in weight. It implies greater comfort. Lightweight designs are great for individuals who are active and physically fit. They may be not like the idea of wearing a heavy ring. Moreover, alternative metal wedding bands are hypoallergenic.