Tips to prevent saggy breasts during pregnancy:

In the 21st century, expecting mothers are quite self-conscious. They have nightmares about sagging breasts during pregnancy. The prospect of sagging breasts somehow lessens the joy of pregnancy. A few tips to prevent saggy breasts are as follows:

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Wearing the right bra:

It is essential to wear a good bra during or after pregnancy. It should be comfortable and hold the breasts in place. There is a high possibility that the breasts will weigh more during pregnancy since they will produce milk for the newborn. Hence, a tight bra is indeed essential.

Keep the breasts moisturized:

The expecting mothers need to apply shea butter and Vitamin E oil to their breasts at least twice daily. This way, their breasts stay moisturized and do not sag. Olive oil massage is known to boost the elasticity of the skin, since the time of Romans.

The composition of olive oil is similar to the natural sebum, which is a part of the skin. Hence, it is effective in preventing the skin from drying out. Dry and dehydrated skin results in sagging breasts. So, a regular olive oil massage keeps the sagging at bay.

Application of Aloe-vera gel:

It is a healthy practice to apply aloe vera gel around the breasts. It keeps the breasts firm. Aloe vera gel has been proven to keep the skin strong. Applying it around the breasts for 10-15 minutes and then washing it off keeps the skin elastic.

Follow a healthy diet:

A pregnant woman should strictly avoid junk food. She should incorporate foods rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. Such foods keep the connective tissues of the breasts healthy. It is an excellent idea to consume food rich in Vitamin E, such as nuts and green leafy vegetables, to maintain their breasts.

Exercise regularly:

It is a good idea to exercise after pregnancy periodically to prevent sagging breasts. Simple exercises that focus on the back muscles and pectoral muscles make the breasts look tighter. A supportive sports bra is also helpful while exercising.

Wean the infant gradually:

Take time to wean the baby. Do not try to reduce the number of feeds immediately. On the contrary, reduce the number of meals at one go. Gradual reduction of the number of feeding sessions will restore the pre-pregnancy shape of the breasts.

Quit smoking:

Smoking hastens the aging process of the skin. As a result, the breast tissues appear saggier in ladies who smoke. Smoking reduces the elastin in the skin around the breasts. Elastin makes the breasts look supple. Hence, reduction of elastin may give rise to sagging breasts.

Take a shower in hot and cold water:

Hot water improves the circulation of blood. On the other hand, cold water takes care of skin tone. So, a pregnant lady should alternate between hot and cold water while taking a shower. End the shower with cold water. Also, do not forget to massage your breasts. If you massage the breasts before or during feedings, milk stasis will be prevented. A breast massage will also improve blood circulation.

  • Maintain proper breastfeeding posture: A mother should avoid leaning forward while breastfeeding the newborn baby. This posture may harm her breasts. She should use a nursing pillow or some other support to raise her baby to her breast level. She should also try to keep her spine, backside, and shoulders straight while breastfeeding.

Many mothers find the laid back posture comfortable. In this posture, the mother lies down in a semi-reclined posture. She can then lay the baby on top of her. This posture ensures that gravity works in her favor, and her back is relaxed.

Conclusion: 21st-century women are particular about their appearance. They do not believe that maternity is the end of their purpose behind self-care. Preventing breasts from sagging is also an integral part of self-care. Hence, they should implement the measures for their benefit.

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