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About Sammy EHR

Sammy EHR is a complete electronic medical record software solution designed for small and independent podiatry practices. For the past three decades, Sammy EHR has been a thriving business. Sammy EHR has cutting-edge tools that set it apart from other EHRs on the market. It’s a cloud-based EHR software system that integrates with the Practice Management System to enable customers to update everyday medical and operational processes. With the assistance of Sammy EMR, a powerful suite of medical software, day-to-day chores are enhanced and work is completed efficiently. The system was originally created for podiatry facilities, but it has enough flexibility and modification to run according to the needs of any business.

A strong clinical decision-making tool aids in the analysis of data from many sources and provides recommendations for adhering to medical standards at the moment of service. EMR Software is ranked as the greatest software by its customers, with the majority of users giving it an all-star rating. Sammy EHR software has been reviewed by users and found to be well aligned with podiatry workflows, with podiatric-specific codes available. Sammy EMR’s claims management feature is likewise well-liked by users. However, a small number of specialty-specific templates was reported by some users. Different packages are available for different practices with Sammy EMR software. Sammy EHR pricing plan, on the other hand, starts at $349 per month per person. The software house can also inquire about pricing based on the needs of a given practice.

Features You Need to Check out During Sammy EHR demo

Secure Messaging – Improves communication

The messaging tool in Sammy EHR lets you keep client information private while allowing you to engage with your clients both internally and externally. With secured messaging capabilities, the program lets you expedite communication while also keeping patient data private. This allows you to stay on peak of communication so that you may communicate effectively with both your clients and your team.

 Clinical Documentation – Streamlines Documentation Process

Every podiatry facility must follow a clinical documentation procedure. Sammy EMR has several features that make it simple to create clinical notes. You can also save time with its automated entry feature, which eliminates the need to examine previous information and allows you to replicate a previous note with a single click. Furthermore, the speech recognition component of the software is meant to convert your spoken words into written notes. Overall, this time-saving solution allows you to concentrate on improving patient care outcomes rather than typing. It also improves task efficiency and aids in the detection of errors.

Electronic prescriptions – Creates Ease for Clients and Doctors

At this time, the e-prescription capability in Sammy EHR is not merely a bonus, but a need. This tool allows you to write prescriptions for your patients virtually. You can use this function to write prescriptions or authorize refill requests from a distance. When you do this, the order is sent straight to the pharmacy that your patient prefers. This means they won’t have to come to see you first and can collect their prescription right away! The software also alerts you to any potentially dangerous drug interactions. Overall, this function makes things a lot easier and more practical for both the doctor and their customers.

Client Portal – Improves Patient Engagement

Another feature of Sammy EHR that is well-liked is the patient portal. Both customers and physicians will benefit from it. Patients can utilize the portal to examine their medical records, schedule visits, seek prescription refills, and obtain test results. They also get access to information regarding their reports and health information. Clients can also make appointments from the convenience of their own homes, selecting the time and date that is most convenient for them. Latecomers and no-shows are also less likely as a result of this. The major purpose of this function is to allow patients to play a more active role in their care. You can also schedule a Sammy EMR demo to receive a more in-depth look at this functionality.

Claims Management – Streamlines the entire process

This software solution aids in the efficient management of your claims submission procedure. It checks claims for errors as you upload them. You can also use the claims management function to eliminate errors that are detected throughout the data entry process. What sets this feature apart is that it considerably minimizes the number of claims that are denied. Automatic eligibility checks are also included in this podiatry-specific solution to assist you in verifying patient insurance. Furthermore, entering the patient’s information into the database allows you to determine whether their plan is active, saving you the time and effort of dealing with refused claims.

Interactive Dashboard – Better task Management

The dashboard in Sammy EHR software is intended to provide you with a complete picture of all of your practice’s activities. You can log in and get all of the medical information you need for a certain assignment. Furthermore, this HIPAA-compliant technology maintains the security of your data and safeguards patient privacy within the software. The dashboard also allows you to attach reports and photographs to patient charts, making them available for rapid viewing and faxing to anybody. During the Sammy EMR demo, you can dig further into the dashboard.

Sammy EHR Substitute – Praxis Vs Sammy EHR

A lot of people in Sammy EHR reviews and Praxis EHR Reviews often talk about the similarities of the two software. That is mainly because Praxis EHR offers excellent features quite similar to those of Sammy EHR. In terms of pricing, Praxis EHR pricing starts at $259 per month. On the other hand, Sammy EHR pricing begins at $349 per month. In terms of reviews, if you look at Praxis EHR reviews, you’ll notice that the users seem to be a little more satisfied as compared to the users of Sammy EHR.

Final Words!

Now that we’ve gone over the top Sammy EHR Features in detail, you’re undoubtedly wondering whether we recommend switching to it. That, of course, is entirely up to you. Before making a final selection, we recommend requesting a sample or trial of the product from the seller. This may help you make a better judgement. Overall, we are convinced that any decision you make about Sammy EHR will be the best decision for you and your practice!


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