Useful Tips And Practices For Your Well-Planned Umrah Pilgrimage

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Umrah is a life-changing pilgrimage that follows the Holy Prophet’s path (ﷺ). It necessitates physical, mental, and spiritual reforms, implying that Umrah’s preparation demands more effort. There are numerous types of preparations, and it is essential to identify them all at the start of the planning process you are looking for Umrah packages.

Muslims Holy Travel offers a wide variety of January Umrah Packages 2021 with exceptional facilities & guidance. By this, you can experience a great, spiritual, & memorable Umrah journey while staying within your budget. But first, you must have complete knowledge about planning & performing the Umrah pilgrimage. Therefore, this blog contains professional advice as well as Umrah tips and tactics to help you plan a stress-free journey.

Suggestions For A Holistic & Spiritual Umrah Packages Experience:

Before making a plan for an Umrah trip, one should understand why they are performing this spiritual journey. Understanding the Umrah, its purpose, and history, as well as reading the Quran and Hadith, can greatly enhance one’s spiritual attachment to this sacred pilgrimage. Also, one must gain a better understanding of the multiple Fardh and Sunnah Umrah rituals and practices that must be performed during the Umrah pilgrimage.

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Basic knowledge about the history of Makkah and Madinah, as well as the life of our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), will make you appreciate the destination’s grandiosity and make your Umrah even more memorable. Here’s a complete list of the essential things to do before Umrah to ensure a satisfying and rewarding journey.

Umrah necessitates physical and mental fitness and strength. In addition, to guarantee a pleasant and comfortable journey, one should pack carefully for regular travel and specific Umrah essentials. These essentials include unscented soaps, moisturizers, portable chargers, a first aid box, clothing, medicines, and many other things.

  • Umrah-related Duas (Supplications):

It is essential that you memorize duas for each ritual before leaving for Umrah’s performance. you can also learn duaas with online Qari. They all have their own significance and therefore must be recited with complete dedication to the Almighty Allah. Muslims also make duas for their family members and friends in order to achieve Allah’s blessings and guidance for their enlightening journey. One of the most important Umrah tips and practices is to take a written note of Umrah duas (supplications) with you.   It is one of the simplest ways to read and memorize them by the time you arrive at Allah’s house.

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  • Words of Advice For Women To Perform Umrah:

During Umrah, men and women mix freely as they enter the sacred mosque together and do Tawaf, which involves pilgrims circumambulating seven times in an anti-clockwise direction beginning at the eastern point. Women must travel with a mahram and adhere to all pilgrimage rules established by Islamic authorities. While entering the state of Ihram, women should recite the “Talbiyah” silently so as not to draw the attention of others. Women can only stay with their mahram or visit groups during Umrah and avoid praying next to an unknown male pilgrim. There are several rules that apply to women undertaking Umrah with or without any mahram; as a woman, you must be aware of them.

  • Right Clothes For Umrah Performance:

A pilgrim must first enter Ihram, a state of spiritual purification attained by the bringer of peace, according to Shariah. According to Ihram, a male pilgrim must have to wear 2 pieces of unstitched cloth after bathing. One piece around the waist for covering the lower body. The other piece wrap around the shoulders for covering the upper part of the body. It is not permissible for men to wear additional clothing like socks, trousers, etc.

A female pilgrim, on the other hand, can wear simple, as well as loose-fitting clothing such as an abaya; it is a long, full-sleeved, and loose dress with a hijab or headscarf. It is not permissible for women to cover their faces while staying in Ihram. The pilgrim’s clothing represents the equality of all mankind in front of Allah almighty, regardless of gender, nationality, or social standing.

  • 5 Umrah Tips & Practices To Make Your Umrah More Comfortable And Safe:

  1. Clothing – It is preferable to keep an eye on the weather forecast and then plan your Umrah accordingly. Summer temperature varies between 28 – 45° C., so, one should wear light clothing. In the winter, the temperature ranges from 17 to 33 degrees Celsius, so it is preferable to dress warmly. It’s also better for pilgrims to pack some extra Ihram clothing.
  2. Safety – Pickpockets and snatchers are common inside and around the Haram Shareef, so pilgrims should be careful. Therefore, to overcome this issue, it is necessary for them to keep money according to their requirement for a day. Pilgrims should also keep their valuables in the hotel room in order to make them safe.
  3. Footwear – It is advisable that pilgrims wear comfortable shoes because they have to walk a lot while performing the Umrah rituals. Male pilgrims must have to expose their ankles and the front part of their feet while in the state of Ihram. Therefore, a pair of flat, soft & comfortable sandals or slippers is preferable to pack for Umrah Pilgrimage.
  4. Patience & Tolerance – Sometimes, one may face a situation that disappoint or irritate them. To avoid this, one should practice patience by being Taqwa, which means being aware of Allah. To avoid this, one should practice patience by being Taqwa, which means being aware of Allah and also Allah Knows Everything. Pilgrims must have patience and Taqwa on their spiritual journey.
  5. Health – Pregnant women, aged people, and children below the age of 12 should not perform Hajj or Umrah due to the continuous heat exposure, crowding, and risk of infectious diseases, according to Hajj and Umrah authorities. The pilgrims should drink plenty of water and avoid overheating. It is also important to keep a basic first aid box in case of an unexpected illness or injury. A first aid box must include an aid for allergies, pain, stomach problems, infections as well as injuries.

These are some tips & practices for planning your Umrah perfectly, you should follow them just before going on the religious pilgrimage. Also, if you want to go on this spiritual and life-changing pilgrimage, make sure you are mentally, physically, and spiritually ready no not.

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