VPN for Businesses: The What, Why, and How!

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Nearly a third of all internet users today use some kind of Virtual Private Network (VPN). The security and privacy benefits offered by good VPN services are simply too good to pass up for a vast chunk of the internet’s denizens, and that number is only growing.

But what can a VPN for businesses offer?

Everyone knows why an individual might want to use a VPN on a public wifi network, but is setting up a VPN for a small business a worthwhile endeavor? Our VPN solutions for small businesses legit? And what’s the best business VPN, anyway?

Keep reading for our comprehensive guide to all these questions and more!

What Does a VPN for Businesses Do?

Much like a personal VPN, a VPN for businesses exists to ensure that your work devices are secure, protected, and encrypted no matter when or where they go online.

That pretty much means that your work-related sensitive data stays nice and encrypted while it wings its way around the web. That can be really handy, especially if you have lots of employees who frequently work outside the office (which is more and more common in the current day).

If you go about setting up a VPN for a small business, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your various passwords, security codes, and documents about secret upcoming projects can’t just be plucked out of the internet stream by nefarious external actors.

That’s a pretty sweet deal.

What Kinds of VPNs Are There?

It can be kind of hard to parse the various terms people bandy about when it comes to IT stuff (in fact, you can learn more on IT terminology here). But let’s try to boil down the essentials of the different kinds of VPNs that there are out there.

The first kind is a ‘remote-access network’. You’ll be surprised to hear that it, well, allows you to access a network remotely. So, for example, you could use a remote-access VPN to let your employees access your company’s internal intranet from afar. That can be really handy if you have crucial work files that your staff need access to while they’re away from the office.

There’s also the good old site-to-site style of VPN. These VPNs create one big network that can be shared across multiple disparate locations. This lets you share a singular network across multiple locations but still ensure it can only be accessed from within the office.

VPNs: a Crucial Part of Modern Business

So there you have it, a quick but thorough guide to the modern uses of VPN for businesses. Whether you run a big company or a small one, the potential benefits that a VPN could offer you are far too great in number to ignore.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there get secure!

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